Hon Justice Hajiya Binta Nyako

By Ekwenye Samuel Chukwunweike
November 16, 2016

Greetings to you Hon Justice Hajiya Binta Nyako. It is my pleasure to write to you and  inform you on behalf of millions of Biafrans worldwide that we know everything going on in the judiciary system of the Nigerian government, concerning the Biafra issue between President Buhari and citizen Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

It is known to all and sundry how orders of two different courts of competent jurisdiction that granted Nnamdi Kanu bail on two different occasions were disobeyed with impunity by president Buhari. We have seen and witnessed the tactics employed by Buhari to frustrate Nnamdi Kanu's legal team as well as millions Biafrans behind him.

He appointed John Tsoho who later resigned when it was discovered that he is under severe influence by the presidency despite the fact that Nnamdi Kanu is 100% innocent of the charges brought against him by Tyrant Buhari.

 That same aim of Buhari appointing Tsoho is still the same reason why Buhari appointed you from his own State Katsina to continue the case from where Tsoho left it.

 All we are demanding from you is that you resurrect the justice which seems to be dead in Nigeria by allowing it to prevail.  The Nigerian judiciary is on the knife edge and ready to collapse if it is not properly handled. We encourage you to be the one to salvage Nigeria, and people shall remember you for that. I admonish you to be the first of your kind, and other judges in Nigeria will follow your good steps.

Remember that Nigeria is under Democratic system of government and according to Abraham Lincollin, Democracy is defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Since 1914, the year of amalgamation of the protectorates of the British created Nigeria till date, Nigerians  have not seen any true democracy, and they are no longer expecting it because they know that such a thing is impossible in Nigeria. In all these, the Nigerian judiciary is highly culpable for the murder of democracy and justice in the country.

However, you might be the one God will use to restore the dignity of the Nigerian judiciary  back to its glory. Humanity expects that you never allow that privileged and opportunity to slip away from you.

The Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari has no case against Nnamdi Kanu. Even their desperation so far to mask  witnesses that will testify against him, will definitely yield no fruit.
Tell Buhari that Biafrans have the right to self determination. No person can be forced to remain where he feels uncomfortable.
Tell Buhari to obey court orders and release Nnamdi Kanu.
In Biafra we stand, and in Nnamdi Kanu we trust.



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