President-elect; Donald J Trump

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 17, 2016

His Excellency the President-Elect of the United States of America; it is imperative that I draw your attention to the abomination going on in Nigeria where American tax payers' money has wrongly been used to sponsor a terrorist organization which is your major focus. Christians have suffered immensely in the hands of terrorists whilst Obama has done nothing to arrest the situation. It is the sole responsibility of America to save the world; that is the responsibility God placed on her. But in a situation America technically turns to financier of terrorist organizations; I wonder what the world will be.

American tax payers' money must not continue to be wasted on Buhari’s Nigeria who instead of fighting Boko Haram, negotiate with them and pay them a whooping sum out of the America’s aid. It was reported by Nigerian owned media that $50 million out of the $71 million logistic sent to Buhari was instead used for a deal to release 21 Chibok girls out of the fictional 221. While the reason the money was paid to Boko Haram remained suspicious because the said released Chibok Girl’s parents were not documented or their parents were not reported to claim their children and neither are they back to their various homes.

Muhammed Buhari had said clearly that he won’t fight Boko Haram but would talk or negotiate with them, citing that the insurgence only affected 14 Local Governments in Nigeria. Since his inception as the President of Nigeria, he has continued to release all captured Boko Haram prisoners even when no court of law ordered that, integrating them into the Nigerian armed forces, rehabilitating them as part of his ongoing illegal amnesty to the terrorist organization.

It is very much unreasonable for America to continue to aid Buhari’s Nigeria through her foreign policy; a man that is not out to fight terrorism but welcomes it. The money American people sweat to earn now directly goes into Boko Haram pocket whenever it is given to Buhari. The Government corruptly shares few and forward a lot to the pocket of Boko Haram through unwarranted deals. His Excellency, permit me to ask, is America aiding to negotiate or aiding to fight terrorists?

Since $50 million out of the $71 million America gave Nigeria in 2015 was forwarded to Boko Haram; the terrorist organization has reinforced and now targeting under-equipped Nigerian troops. When troops are easily taken out, what will be the fate of civilians? When we talk of civilians at the mercy of the terrorists; we talk of Christians and when we talk of Christians, we talk of Biafrans.

Biafra is the solution - asylum to arresting the situation; terrorism is part of Islamic belief and this is often worse when infidels (Christians) are amongst them. Biafra will accommodate all the peaceful people of the world who are not wanted in this part of the world. With Biafra, Boko Haram will be starved of blood, because there might be nobody to kill as people that would stay with them are fellow Muslims or positive people they cannot slaughter. Boko Haram waxes stronger because they have prey here and there that cannot be protected by the Government. Boko Haram had demanded isolation to stop destruction of lives being aided by Muhammed Buhari. The people being killed have a solution and Biafra will spell the end to Boko Haram menace instead of continuous wastage of America’s money.

Boko Haram cannot end by military approach neither can Buhari end it; Islamic sect is like a cancer, once it starts, it cannot go away until it finishes everything. Boko Haram is highly connected because it has a political undertone; ranging from Buhari to Obama; they are very much aware of what is going on. Christian-Biafrans are on the receiving end of the whole thing, Biafra is a species of terror and only isolation can solve the puzzle. Self determination remains a vital aspect of humanity and Biafra should be allowed to exercise theirs. Politicians must not keep gaining at the detriment of the people; one Nigeria is the business of politicians and even while one Nigeria has given birth to Boko Haram and will further give birth to more deadly ones, they keep shouting one Nigeria because they are not victims of the contraption.

Recall that despite the atrocities committed by Boko Haram; the killing of Christians, destruction of Churches, killing of Biafrans and innumerable crimes against humanity, it took a fight for Obama’s Clinton to designate the group a terrorist organization. This action is testament to the fact that Obama knows Boko Haram as much as he knows ISIS. America’s greatness was lost in the hands of Obama that she turned to imperialism and negotiated or acted from the side of weakness.

Boko Haram was instrumental to the victory of Muhammed Buhari whom Obama gave everything to make sure a Christian-candidate in the person of Jonathan was defeated. The terrorist group bastardized Jonathan’s government and Obama placed Gen. Muhammed Buhari as the solution to the rampaging sect.

Muhammed Buhari is an Islamic fanatic who previously said that he would ensure the total Islamization of Nigeria which he defined as the estate of Usman Danfodio, a Christian-oppressor who is a known Jihadist. With hope that Muhammed Buhari’s government will be Boko Haram’s government and that would make the group to soft pedal. The imperialistic approach proved futile and up till date; Boko Haram is still ravaging the innocent Christian-Biafrans with impunity and the Government remains mute.

Obama who ensured the victory of Muhammed Buhari has continued to give Buhari all logistics that will eventually end in the pocket of terrorists; a man that was previously suspected or accused as the sponsor of or creator of the terrorist group. In the run up to the 2011 election, Muhammed Buhari had told the Northern Nigeria Youths to stand and make sure their Votes counted and should kill to defend their votes. When Jonathan won the election; they were irked and started post election violence that claimed thousands of lives because their Votes did not count for Buhari’s victory. That violence was the birth of Boko Haram, it gave rise to the terrorist group and on the build-up to negotiation; the terrorist group named Buhari as their chief negotiator on the basis that he is their sponsor or trusted ally.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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