By Blessed Orji
November 03, 2016

We have come to the stage when the most barbaric of all persecution is administered on ministers in the temple of justice by the most uneducated dictator, mumummadu Buhari.  Buhari is demonstrating his unbridled tyranny, hypocrisy, despotism and illiteracy aimed at destroying judicial solidarity, democracy and rule of law. The masses can no longer greet their neighbours, the bar and the bench can no longer hold their meetings or say their prayers without danger of arrest, imprisonment or assassination. Buhari killer agents, the DSS spies lurks in every  road and street corners, invade homes and offices of judges particularly those whose ruling does not favor Buhari,DSS or APC bokoharam party.

 The DSS,Buhari murderous agents is carrying out a public attack on incorruptible judges that heartily maintained judicial integrity. Justices Dimgba,Pindiga,Lima, and Ademola all refused Taking bribe from Buhari to subvert justice. They were all arrested at dead of night, beaten to stupor and clamped into jail. The height of executive lawlessness and extravagant human crime known to man is the brutal manhandling of justice Adeniyi Ademola who remained fearless and on December 19th,2015 ruled that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of indigenous people of Biafra illegally kidnapped, tortured and incarcerated in DSS cell since October14,2015 should be released. This is open declaration of war on the judiciary. A big reproachful slap on Nigeria judicial, commissioned as a legal authority. This is what Buhari and obasanjo has been working to achieve in their closed door meetings; to truncate judicial process through intimidation of judges in order to jail Nnamdi Kanu. The plan is to kill Nnamdi Kanu and bring more death and woes on indigenous people of Biafra.

The extra judicial pronouncement by Mumummadu Buhari on his media chat on December 30,2015 that Nnamdi Kanu should never be granted bail by any court in Islamic republic of Nigeria has continued to reflect in his actions. It is the integral purpose for his barbaric persecution of this learned gentleman, justice Ademola. It is the reason Buhari mandates DSS to treat with disdain all court judgments not in their favor and justice Ademola singled out because his released Nnamdi Kanu and entertained contempt proceedings against DSS.

 Now that Buhari has threatened withdrawing funding for Ecowas court unless they jail Nnamdi Kanu, it becomes necessary that Biafra people must sustain the tempo of all revolutionary method known to national and international law to obtain justice. The ECOWAS judges should as a matter of urgency never be hypertensive owing to the flimsy threat from a common cattle rearer. They should legally and legitimately resist any attempt by Buhari to fantastically rub off corruption on their wig. They should never parley with him to cherish sin or compromise on fundamental judicial principles. Buhari must be renounced and disgraced. No sacrifice would be small to maintain the dignity, sanctity and reputation of the apex regional court. ECOWAS judges should never relapse to prejudice, nor succumb to corruption. This would amount to unjust support for tyranny,terrorism,anarchy and subjugation of indigenous people of Biafra to perpetual servitude.



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