November 03, 2016

This is to inform Biafrans worldwide and also our faithful listeners that we have changed our shortwave AM frequency to :15600kHz (15.6MHz), 19 meters: Band SW. We are sorry for the inconvenience but its our duty to serve you better, therefore we request that you tune in to the New AM frequency as we endeavour to serve you better.

Below is our time of broadcast.

Listen Everyday live on 15600kHz (15.6MHz), 19 meters: Band SW at about (19.00-22.00 GMT) (7pm-10pm).

Also those in Biafra land can tune in live on 15600kHz (15.6MHz), 19 meters: Band SW
(18.00-21.00 UTC)

This effect and changes has already been made, so you can easily tune in now and enjoy our live broadcasts. Please bear with us for these few changes made, it's our duties to serve you well and we promise to give you our best at all times.

Always tune in and stay connected as we keep you updated and informed with every piece of information and News regarding the movement of our fight for freedom. We promise never let you down as you keep tunning in and listening.

Don't forget our new shortwave AM frequency is now 15600kHz (15.6MHz), 19 meters: Band SW.

Thank you!



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