Mark Zuckerberg

By Ada Nnamdi Kanu
November 03, 2016            

Zuckerberg, the British who colonized Nigeria have taken the joy and happiness of IPOB out from us starting from the first day the nations of BIAFRA, ODUDUWA, AND AREWA were forced to unite as one people and called Nigeria. Ever since the forced marriage were perfected, the nation of Biafra have not seen peace or freedom of life in Nigeria; we have been sidelined, living in fear have been our way of life in our land. We have been Surrounded by Nigerian forces; our farmlands have been occupied by the terrorist Fulani herdsmen damaging the crops in our farms, our mothers, fathers and the young ones living in the villages are slaughtered like fowls by them in the unholy pursuit to exterminate Biafrans. Yet the colonial masters are silent and dumb saying nothing. Britain and the leaders of Nigeria have made up their minds that good things will never come out from Biafra land.

We are in the Era of information technology where information is vital to everyday life; and facebook is one of the fastest platforms where one make use to sending and receiving messages instantly. Aligning agressively to utilizing this latest technology, IPOB had grown to an unimaginable proportion bringing 1 000 000 active members together within a short period of time. Now, having attain this hight, IPOB are seriously angry for the hacking of our group page - RADIO BIAFRA LONDON, one of the platforms IPOB actively utilize to show the world how Buhari's government is killing our people.

I was shocked when I heard that you are working under the command of a traitor, terrorist, Adolf Hitler of Nigeria to stop the restoration of Biafra which is allowed freely and accepted by the UNITED NATIONS charter; that any country is allowed to go if they want to have their own independence. Mark, your latest action shows that you are happy seeing your fellow youths dying for their freedom. Mark Zuckerberg, you have shown the world and your family how wicked you are. We the IPOB will never forgive you because you are also among the murderers of Biafrans in principle and action.

My people use to say " LIFE ENDS WHEN AN EGG IS BROKEN BY OUTSIDE FORCE, AND LIFE BEGINS WHEN INSIDE FORCE BREAK SUCH AN EGG" IPOB are united and strong, and we can never stop agitating for our freedom. No matter how you and Buhari's government push us, the struggle of the restoration of Biafra shall be accomplished and we shall jubilate to the amazement of our enemies.    

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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