By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 11, 2016

A democracy group has uncovered the move made by the Nigerian Government to put Clinton in power; a move they regretted and termed Buhari’s plan to carry on onslaught against the people of Biafra. They frayed Nigerian Government for using the Northern Oligarchy to seek international support in furtherance of their Northernization and Islamic Agenda.

Information reaching American Black Group for Democracy today in USA has rightly confirmed that Dictator Buhari's tyrannical regime has wasted over N150, 000,0000,0000 (Approximately 500 million USD) to sponsor Mrs H Clinton election.
Dictator Mohammadu Buhari wasted no time in releasing the money he pledged to John Kelly and US Ambassador in Abuja in support of Mrs Clinton election.

Dictator Buhari's promise shocked John Kelly and his team. Their effort to confirm how and when the money will be paid led to Mr Kelly's visit to Northern NIGERIA where Dictator Buhari had quickly mobilised some Northern elders and his party State Governors of northern inner circle to ensure quick and secret ferrying of the money with secured Presidential Fiat.
This Unconstitutional Presidential Fiat mandated some Northern Leaders and top politicians to travel to USA to meet with Barrack Obama's Foreign Office Dept and Mrs Hillary Clinton's Campaign Group.
In all meetings, the top of agenda are:

1. how US and Mrs Clinton will keep supporting and intensifying NIGERIA as a United country and northern NIGERIA as a prime section;

2. the BIAFRAN issue took most of the time of the meeting where Dictator Buhari's Northern delegates took turn to convince the White Raced USA listeners on the need for the US not to support BIAFRA.

3. Boko haram (terrorism) issue which was meant to be one of the main issue as it was used to get the neutral minds in the Obama/Clinton inner caucus to key into the NIGERIA/American relationship was only discussed for 13 minutes with only 3 Speakers out of 29 Presentees allowed into the venue. Whereas on BIAFRAN Issue, 15 People spoke on the matter and 12 from Northern NIGERIA. No single Southern NIGERIAN was involved by Buhari and his Secretary of State Govt who arranged the meeting over the phone as an urgent matter arises.

4. the issue of fight against corruption was raised by an American delegate who requested for the NIGERIANS present to brief the gathering how the present Govt was dealing with corruption;

5. NIGERIAN Recession was discussed, and the U.S. listeners found their Nigerian counterpart very shallow and uneducated enough to talk intelligently about country economy.

6. Fulani Grazing and Relationship with communities was slightly discussed with total deception of lies from the Fulani speaker;

7. and many more.

What infuriated the whole Black/Assian and Carribean communities with some Europeans is the scandal of Fantastically Corruption as proven in N150 Billion wasted by a poor suffering most populous Black nation which will have devastating effect of the whole african nations, especially west African countries. The news of this high corruption case of Dictator Buhari's Regime and Mrs Clinton Campaign Team turned voters of all AFRICAN, South American, Asian, Carribean and some European citizens and residents in AMERICA off.

The diabolic discussions about BIAFRA of Southern NIGERIA projected by one sided Northern Delegates proved the evil that has being on-going in NIGERIA. This evil takes form of Nigerian security extra judicial killing and kidnapping of civilians, protesters, human right advocates, freedom fighters, judges, magistrates, opposition, government critics, and many more since Dictator Buhari's regime.

There has being an illegitimate escalation of unlawful arrest of lawful and peaceful freedom fighters in NIGERIA since Dictator Buhari came to power. Most oppositions are being detained on the executive order of Dictator Buhari. Judicial Officers are being bullied, unlawfully arrested, intimidated and have their rights violated by Dictator Buhari.

Black community in USA has nothing more to say than to beam search light on NIGERIA.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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