President-elect; Donald Trump

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 11, 2016

There is no other means to celebrate the victory of Donald Trump if not to dance and worship Chukwu Okike Abiama. I know that US election is not Biafra Referendum; neither is Donald Trump going to give us Biafra but there is opportunity to take Biafra. This is a win for Biafra; a Nigerian once said to me; you people supported Jonathan and he failed. You supported PDP in Edo State and they failed. You are now supporting Donald Trump and he would fail. He further said that Biafrans are cursed people because anybody they support eventually fails. Donald Trump’s failure was already visible before the election; the entire media projected Hillary Clinton. I would not reply him; I kept quiet and prayers were all I had; watching CNN everyday was heartbreak. I would login Facebook, I needed to read American local bloggers; they are hell bent on Trump.

The Nigerian Government has made a choice; the sentiment of first female American President echoed everywhere. The APC Governor of Imo State would mock Donald Trump and tell women congregation that they are now President of the world. The house of Representative members will assure victory for Hillary and so on; they are obsessed. What was the crime of Donald Trump? That he told Nigerian politicians to face their people and stop eating up everything the people have. Stop coming to America to waste the tax payer’s money, use it and build Nigeria.

While Nigerians were languishing; the Government of Nigeria was donating millions of tax payer’s money to Hillary and her foundation. Hillary Clinton has been accused of corruption ranging from Email scandal to financial inducement with her foundation. Nigerian Government went beyond boarders to make sure Hillary win the election. Using the Northern Governors and through John Kerry, the establishment worked tirelessly to enthrone Hillary Clinton. Now Trump is the President of America, it would be good to ask Nigerian Government, how far?

Sahara reporters will write from end to end how Donald Trump’s presidency is as impossible as a man being pregnant. Vanguard News will jump from one bad news to another or propaganda to destroy the image of Donald Trump. The Nation and Premium Times would not spare articles that would leave Donald a monster. The entire Media was for Clinton, they wanted her so badly, and they were obsessed with her. But at the end, now Biafrans have the last laugh, it is good to ask Nigerian Media how far?

Wole Soyinka has already started denying that he did not vow to tear his green card if Trump is elected, lol, trust Biafrans and her media, the video is already going viral. What Wole Soyinka will do is to start denying that it was not him that said that but his identical twin. Why won’t Wole Soyinka deny, when he politically stole Nobel Laureate award from Chinue Achebe. Trump has won and Biafrans are curiously waiting for Wole Soyinka to tear up his green card. All Nigerian elites were obsessed with Hillary Clinton because she would help subjugate the people for them. Trump is for the people and it was a battle between the people and the politicians.

Even their Entertainers were on the table; thoughtless men that feed with their mouth and less with their brain. Ranting from one end to another; they accused Trump of threatening to deport them from America. They failed to understand that it is only a man that loves equality and loves humanity will urge you to go back home and build your own home. They took offence and till the Election Day, Ali Baba was beckoning on Nigerians in America to massively vote Hillary Clinton or they would be deported. Ali Ali my big tool, I want to ask how far?

Their obsession even got to their so-called Prophets, with T.B Joshua spearheading them; the men under religious slavery were already celebrating Hillary Clinton’s victory while Biafrans trusted in their God. It was a fight between Chukwu Okike Abiama and the god of T.B Joshua. The prophet of baal was eventually disgraced. Trump destroyed a lot of lies and like Nnamdi Kanu, he anchored on truth all his campaign period. T.B Joshua, has Trump destroyed your business? Africa will be free through Biafra and you and your cohort’s days are numbered. From Mbaka to the least; God will keep showing His supremacy.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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