President-Elect; Donald Trump

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 11, 2016

Prof. Wole Soyinka would tear his green card if Trump wins; he was already convinced that the millions of dollars given to Hillary campaign team and Nigerian votes in America will give him Hillary victory. This is Nigerian poor elite who failed to be rationale; because Trump is like Nnamdi Kanu who would say the truth the way it is; he feels as they imprisoned Kanu; they would keep Trump outside the White House.

Ali Baba would urge Nigerians to make sure they cast their votes twice if possible countless times for Hillary. He reminded them how Trump told them to go back home and build their own Country; what a wayward man. What does he know if not ranting on the stage; he needs a poor Nigeria to entertain them with their poverty. What is actually wrong that Trump is urging them to sit up and build their Country? Ali Baba thought America is Nigeria where one man can cast hundred votes at a go; Nigerian obsession with Hillary Clinton is at maximum.

Their Prophets would see Hillary Clinton in the White House; they needed her so much; they are obsessed with her. She would fit in their corrupt practices; they are already on a high that Hillary will become the next American President. Trump disgraced a lot of them; the God of Biafrans showed them that he is God. Their politicians predicting landslide victory for Hillary, from their House of Rep. to their Governors and to their Senate. Their President has already arranged a victory party, all the money he poured in cannot be in vain.

Before I cherish this piece of mine; I will like to draw your attention to a simple truth; truth severed Nigerian’s relationship with Trump. Like Nnamdi Kanu like Donald Trump; two men apart but share the same ideology. Saying things the way they are in spite of who is affected; Nnamdi Kanu was unlucky to be in Prison for being like Donald Trump whilst Donald Trump was denied support and sufficiently fought by Nigeria to avoid him into the Oval office. Nigeria brought out everything they had; made sure no Nigerian voted for Trump and Biafrans brought out theirs; all Biafrans in America voted Trump, campaigned vigorously online for him and prayed fervently. In Nigeria it was a Hillary’s Nigeria and Trump’s Biafra; as Biafrans were in pains and praying for Donald Trump; Nigerians were celebrating Hillary’s victory.

The division was visible in Nigeria as much as it was in America, Nigerian media kept causing Biafrans heartache; every report was against their candidate. Every article was against their candidate; every political speech in Nigeria was against their candidate. There was already a rumour that after Hillary is elected the first female President; Okonjo Iweala will become first Nigerian President. On the side of Biafrans; the Biafran media were on it, fighting with determination; the world media seem to be against Biafra media. They were fighting a lost battle but they kept on fighting, with open letters and calling on Americans to trump up for Donald.

Nigerians mocking and laughing at Biafrans; they were assured of their victory, and they labeled that Biafra will never be successful because anyone Biafrans supports always fail. Biafrans had no option but to support Trump who has said the truth and seems to understand their sufferings. Trump had attacked Nigerian President for junketing when the Country was economically dead. He threatened to deport illegal Nigerians who illegally take the jobs of America. He was aware of the Biafran people self determination quest and these brought about crazy support for him in Biafra. While Nigerian Government gave millions of dollars to Hillary; Biafrans gave millions of prayers, all their votes, and online campaign.

The time came and America needed a new President; Obama and Hillary Clinton have done so much for Nigeria. Their Boko Haram refused to be designated a terrorist organization; their name removed from terrorists list watch. America was their greatest ally; the imperialism of Obama and Hillary Clinton in Nigeria was unfair; they favour the political class more and harm the people. Hillary Clinton is such a corrupt personality; she fits Nigeria, she gets the cash for her foundation, and Nigeria became a business enterprise. While Britain is making a lot of money from the natural resources in Biafra; Hillary Clinton is making so much money from the geographical expression called Nigeria. This made Nigeria and Hillary Clinton two love birds; they could not be apart, they loved each other that they became obsessed. When Hillary is soaring, Nigeria is soaring with her and when she is crashing down to earth, Nigeria is with her.

When Nigerian election came, they chose Muhammadu Buhari and imposed him on the people; Obama’s political aide was given to him as a campaign strategist. Money was given to Buhari and support was thrown behind him. Jonathan had no option, he would not complain of the irregularities that summed up the election, the underage voting covered by CNN and many more. He would not question the order of Hillary Clinton who needed another President. Jonathan has failed to arrest Boko Haram menace and it was already calling out Clinton’s negligence as a result of financial inducement.

Now it was the turn of Americans to elect a new President, Hillary Clinton was nominated for Democrat and Donald Trump for Republican. The battle began with everybody ruling out Donald Trump who is a bash. Donald would freely say the truth, he doesn’t want to be political because he is not a politician; he only wanted to be real, say things the way they are. I clearly grasp what was happening; the billionaire only wanted to touch the lives of Americans and make his country great again. He is not in politics for money; he fears nobody and no matter how truth hurts; he would eventually say it.

Truth severed his relationship with Nigerians; Nigeria was afraid that with Donald Trump, the world will be a better place where rule of law will prevail, where the oppressed will be free and as a villain, Nigeria fought against Donald Trump with the last drop of their blood. But as the results trickled in, they were in tears and before they could wipe their tears; they are already the enemy of the world. No matter what happens, Nigeria will remain anti-Trump till he leaves office. That is how to be a man!

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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