By Kelechi Okorie
25 October, 2015

In a democratic settings, judiciary remains an independent arm of government with primary responsibility of interpretation of law without fear, favor and the last hope for the common man. That is not the case in Nigeria judiciary system, where anything goes, all manners of impunity is normal and a culture; if you can afford the exchange of 'Ghana must go', you are untouchable.

An Abuja Judge John Tsoho, showed he was incapacitated to decide a verdict, his blunder and judicial rascality over two different contradictory rulings on the same trial filled against Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) by Buhari’s led government was a miscarriage of justice and a threat to Nigeria judiciary system. If nothing is urgently done to checkmate his misinterpretation of law, state of anarchy may not be far.

When John Tsoho was picked to preside over Nnamdi Kanu’s court case, nobody doubted he will be acting to a script and influenced by orders higher than him. Specifically, Buhari the Nigeria’s maximum ruler was the Chief Judge and prosecutor  misinterpreting the law while Tsoho stood as a shadow presiding over his master’s (Buhari) bid to jail Nnamdi Kanu, prisoner of conscience at all cost.

Nigeria Judiciary Council NJC allowed its noble profession to be drowned to oblivion by keeping mute watching the law turning upside down; John Tsoho trickly introduced secret trial, a nullified conjectural reasoning to truncate justice in favor of his pay master Buhari, the fantastically most incompetent president in the history of Nigeria.

Nigeria Judicial Council NJC played to the gallery by not discharging its expected obligations. Is Checks and Balances not applicable in Buhacracy led government? What stops NJC from advising Mr. President and its 36 State Governors on legal matters as it is one of their assign functions?

Similarly, bold handwriting on the wall can be seen by everyone of the cloning of John Tsoho to Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court Abuja. This is another strategy to continue where Judge Tsoho stopped. Expectedly, Mrs Binta Nyako had already intentionally fixed her first apperance to coincede with the upcoming judgment of the same case at the Economic Community of West Africa, ECOWAS  court slated on the same date

Meanwhile, Nnamdi Kanu defense council Ifeanyi Ejiofor had already stated that his legal team will be able to handle both cases simultaneously. Recall, the recent witch-hunting of judges over verdicts against federal government. Justice Adeniyi Ademola in particular was arrested because he granted Nnamdi Kanu and Sambo Dasuki, former National Security Adviser, unconditional bail. NJC has to wake up from their slumber to face the challenges ahead without compromise; when contempt of court (disobedience of the orders and authority of the court) becomes norm due process becomes scarce.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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