Biafrans in millions demand for Biafra Independence

By Kelechi Okorie
25 October, 2016

According to one view, granting of recognition to a new state is not a constitutive but a declaratory act. A State may exist without being recognized, and if it does exist in fact, then, whether or not it has been formally recognized by other states, it has a right to be treated by them as a state.
History proved Biafra Map and her existence over 5000 years now, Britain conspired her obliteration from the face of the earth with Mohammedian Emirates of the North. Arewa their perfect slaves was handed over the throne of leadership to enable them have frees access for Biafran resources after amalgamation of 1914 by Fedrick Lugard of three different nations; Biafra, Arewa and Oduduwa without consultants turned to agony and a sharp edge sword for human inhabitant for Biafrans. Yakubu Gowon, the then Head of State inability to respect Aburi Accord Treaty in Ghana led to the escalation of the civil war that took the life of more than 5 million Biafrans including children and aged women during the pogrom.

Declaration of Kosovo as an independence Nation by UN on 17 February 2008 is applicable to Biafra. Indigenous People of Biafra headed by Nnamdi Kanu has constituted themselves on a democratic basis, having accepted the appropriate international obligations and committed themselves in good faith to a peaceful process in all spheres. Peaceful protests / sensitizations by IPOB both home and in the diaspora was superb irrespective of provocations by Nigeria armed forces, yet they comported themselves in a civil manner that was commended by all and sundry.

Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari have followed the footsteps of Gowon by flaunting court orders on several occasions and contravention of UN Charter Treaty on Indigenous People on self determination which Nigeria as a member was signatory to. Extra judiciary killing of Biafran youths in hundreds and human right violation day in day out might lead to retaliation should they (Biafrans) are unable to endure the inhuman degradation by the emperor of Nigeria.

United Nations, a body with primary obligation to maintain peace and security in accordance with its principles and purposes of investigation of any dispute or situation that might lead to international friction, had feigned ignorance of what is going in Biafra land. Organization of Emerging Africa States OEAS's 90 days ultimatum came and gone without Nigeria government showing any atom of regards to their order.

Recently the European Union through its High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, Faderica Mogherini waded into the need to conduct a referendum for Biafra independence  and release of Biafran prisoners, yet there are high rate of consistent clap down and abduction of innocent Biafran sympathizers on daily basis. Should Southern Sudan scenario be the best option before UN intervene and avert this impending calamity?

International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law INTERSOCIETY petition to UN is a welcome development. As a matter of urgency UN ought to commence debate and do the needful to save mankind from inhuman treatment by Nigeria Gestapo regime. Newly appointed UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres on the other hand should try as much as possible to use his good office once he resumes office by 31th December to facilitate debate on Biafra restoration. It shall be an honor for him and history shall be on his side.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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