Buhari & Shekau have same ideology

By Chima Onyekachi
25 October, 2016

The Nigeria media have been gagged and paid off by the Nigeria government of President Muhammadu Buhari, to quit reportage on the atrocious activities of the terrorist group in order to promote the deceptive mantra of “technical defeat” of BokoHaram by the administration. Buhari’s efforts of appeasing his “misguided brothers” by randomly releasing imprisoned members of BokoHaram, granting them amnesty and recruiting them into the Nigeria armed forces and Police, is not working in curbing their havoc on soldiers and civilians.  The al-Qeada supported Shekau faction and ISIS-supported al-Barnawi faction have continue to capture villages, slaughtering and hoisting their flags.

A serving Nigeria soldier in Borno State, who pleaded anonymity, has described to this reporter – Chima Onyekachi, that the recent attempt by the Nigeria Army to advance towards the BokoHaram stronghold - Sambisa Forest, as a total failure. The soldier, who was a participant in the confrontation between the soldiers and members of the armed group, lamented that they were sent on a suicide mission against the terror group, who were carrying more sophisticated weapons than them. He spoke as thus: “Imagine BokoHaram overpower us for Sambisa Forest,” Soldiers run come back town.” “Na civilian JTF die pass, BokoHaram carry big weapons.” The actual number of casualties of this gruesome attack is not yet ascertained, as at the time of filing this report, but it was noted that members of ‘civilian JTF’ suffered a higher death toll while more soldiers were on the injured list.

Most recent, Mafa road in Maiduguri, was attacked by BokoHaram which resulted in the death of over 10 persons. The 138 kilometers major road, was closed down in 2014 by the military and got reopened this mid-year, by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Tukur Burutai, in conjunction with the Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, in a media blitz, as part of activities to mark the 2016 Army Day celebration in Borno State. COAS Burutai and Governor Shettima, disregarded the intelligence report that stated the road was still unsafe for reopening, but in a haste to satisfy the president and deceive civilians, the road was reopened. BokoHaram, which is seeking to be allowed to practice their religious belief of Sharia law, have continually targeted this road with lesser effort, in order to cripple the economic activities of the northern region, as the road leads to Central Africa, and by extension, the North Africa from North-East Nigeria.

Dikwa local government of Borno state was also attacked by members of BokoHaram, and soldiers were the main targets of the attack. A soldier of the 7th Division Nigeria Army, Maiduguri, who lost one of his colleague simply known as “Franklin Chinedu”, wondered how the terror group seems to know about covet base and locations very easily. He complained that soldiers have being stopped from their normal patrol duties as at when due. The order to stop patrol was supposedly given by the COAS, Tukur Burutai, who always called on telephone to stop the patrol.

Borno state is under constant attack by both factions of BokoHaram, Zabamalari town has come under serious attack by the terror group. Soldiers have purposely been targeted, as about 8 soldiers were killed in Chibok and 12 were also killed in an attack in Malaptori. Four soldiers were killed in an ambush in Dabuwa road and 15 soldiers found dead after an attack in Gabalugala, close to Halagaruno. The popular Baga road in Maiduguri, is always under attack and has resulted in the death of about 6 soldiers. Two officers (a captain and lieutenant colonel) are still been held as hostage after the attack on Malaptori.

Biafrans in the northern region of Nigeria should know they are targets for slaughter as the other factional leader of BokoHaram, Abu Musab al-Barnawi, has stated it clearly that Christians and soldiers are his target for extermination from the northern region. He is backed by ISIS which is been chased out from Iraq by the Russian coalition, and the terror group is regrouping in Libya and are easily infiltrating into Nigeria through the north.  The Nigeria Army cannot defeat Boko Haram, as soldiers have lost morale due to lack of payment of salaries and allowances, weapons and food are also a luxury in the barracks and mostly because of the deep divisions amongst the ethnic nations that makes up Nigeria. The Nigeria government and people can keep deceiving themselves about BokoHaram, but reality is staring at them and laughing at them.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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