Biafrans killed in hundreds

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
24 October, 2016

Within a period of two weeks, the Indigenous People of Biafra have recorded the disappearance of over hundred members; coordinators and principle officers included. While there is no Nigerian detention facility they have found some of the victims; it is believed that they have been out-rightly executed. The Nigerian government has implored unlawful measures against IPOB since Nnamdi Kanu took prominence - championing Biafra restoration project. The measures include, the unlawful arrest and continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu; shooting to kill peaceful and lawful protesters and many more.

Amnesty International; the world leading human right institution has been on the watch as have made series of reports concerning the deteriorated state of human right in Biafra land. The reports cited gruesome disrespect of human right and trampling of right to live. The reports so far by Amnesty International have drawn criticism on international community and relevant community authorities who have continued to keep silent at the face of the tyranny that has led to loss of lives in Nigeria.

Amnesty International in their numerous reports have established facts and compelling reasons that ought to have activated action to save humanity from extinction in Biafra land. It has long been expected that Nigeria will be compelled to apply internationally and locally recognized law in handling Biafra activists and agitation but nothing as such has been done. “This shows the inability of the world to making a better world or heal the world” a Biafran activist said when quarried on their travails.

Questions are beginning to come up why there is a renewed abduction, clamp down and execution of the people of Biafra which seemed to have subsided since after Chidiebere Onwudiwe, IPOB National coordinator was unlawfully arrested months ago. While some attributed that to the silence of the relevant authorities that ought to have condemned the evil against humanity in Nigeria; some attributed it to frustration; saying that Nigerian government seems to have lost means to address or stop Biafra restoration that is already a certain thing.

The recent arrest occurred on 21st October 2016 in Bayelsa State where IPOB had come for their zonal family meeting; Bayelsa is one of the States in the Niger Delta, a part of the Old Eastern Region that previously fought for Biafra in 1967. It was quite a serious thing to know that in Bayelsa, IPOB have their family meetings championed by the Indigenes of the State. A Biafran journalist who corresponded for Biafra Television was arrested at Oratta zone A quarter. The coordinator of the zone with some of his executives and scores of members were also arrested. “They are yet to be seen since they were arrested, we are tracking them and they might have been executed but we pray they spare their lives in prison” a member who escaped arrest told this reporter -Ifeanyi Chijioke when contacted over the phone.

In Aba, another coordinator was arrested en-route to Sabbath on Saturday 22nd of October 2016; he was trailed by Nigerian police force with a Hilux van, intercepted and arrested. Arrest and out-right execution is rampant in Aba; and there has been the major focus of the Nigerian forces. When this reporter contacted the family members of the arrested Coordinator; they were already in tears, cursing and promising a payback. They acted more like they have finally lost their Coordinator and speaking over the phone they said “They have taken him and probably murdered him like they always do, we will pursue his case to the top. Buhari must pay for this regime atrocities in International Criminal Court. We have lost  hundreds of members to this murderous Nigerian force; suddenly we stop seeing our members and that is the end”

Biright Chimezie, a Top member of IPOB for the past two weeks was declared missing by IPOB; his phone line not through and whereabouts unknown. IPOB are searching all police stations to see if he would be found while bushes and streets are being searched for his corpse. Further reports have been made of missing IPOB members; this forceful disappearance is disturbing and has cast fear in Biafra land. “We are living in fear and we have no right in Nigeria again; we are preys to terror-driven Nigerian security agents, killed at will. Biafra is the only hope of living; Bright Chimezie is missing and so are scores of IPOB members missing on daily basis” a close ally said.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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