Nigerian Soldiers torturing innocent Biafrans

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
24 October, 2016

Any action and reaction is simultaneously balanced in nature; this is the view of my certain mentor I would not mention here. He argued that any action one takes today will be balanced by nature in due time. He would always tell me to go for it and get satisfied so that I would not regret the reaction but accept it whole heartedly when it comes. I have done a little to study this equation; hence I decided to be very cautious in taking any action in life. Everything is affected by time; what one holds over another is time; even though a man fails to live up to you in this world; in that world of possibilities; he would conjure up a reason to triumph. We have to be very careful and take note of our actions because there will definitely be a reaction that would balance that action.

The power of Consistency can best be described as the certainty of Biafra restoration; Biafra has come to the extent that what the people need is consistency; to keep demanding, to keep saying what they are saying and Biafra will be restored. This power of consistency is the warrant of retaliation; the implication of arresting and killing Biafrans will be huge; a wise man will desist from such act. When Biafra comes; the payback will be immense; for he that killed two may pay with four and those that killed four will pay with sixteen. Anger is clustering; un-forgiveness is growing, sins against Biafrans multiplying and so is the payment clustering. For the continued arrest and killing of Biafrans, detention of the leader of Biafrans; the people will not go back until the quest is achieved because they have lost much and paid much price.

Like I said; action and reaction is balanced by nature, the nature that will balance this action of arrest and killing of Biafrans is time. Time is the reactor; for this time there is agitation for the restoration of Sovereign State of Biafra; is the time of action by the desperados. But when Biafra is restored; it is the time for the people of Biafra to take their own pound of flesh. We find it so hard to learn from history and it is a very serious problem to black people. Hence there is wealth and there is continuous flow of it; every other thing is inconsequential. They would not learn the character of the people they are dealing with. When time of retaliations comes; Biafra will be fiercer than Israel.

When Israel got her freedom on 14 May, 1948 they did not jubilate and go to bed; they came back against the murderers of the people of Israel. There was what I termed OSA ‘Official State Assassination”, Israel embarked on this to make sure everybody that contributed to the killing of the innocent people of Israel gets the reaction. While the people killing and enforcing forceful disappearance on Biafrans have failed to grasp this; reaction in due time is inevitable.

The people of Biafra are resolute and consistent and that is the only thing needed to pay back the killers of Biafrans. The people of Biafra have come to understand the power of consistency and this is the weakness of the oppressors of the people. There would be immense implication of the continuous arrest and detention of the people of Biafra. There would be huge payback because as a result of consistency; Biafra will be restored in the end. The architect of the murder of the people of Biafra will eventually go down on his kneels someday pleading for his own life to be spared but that time might be too late. If you are not there to pay; your children shall be there to pay, for the sins of the father shall meet the child.

There is the need to assess the resoluteness of the people and understand the power of consistency; there is nothing that can stop Biafra restoration and either can it not be achieved. This is an ideology its time has come and fighting it will have a huge implication. The arrest of the people of Biafra is futile, hence Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest could not stop Biafra agitation; not even the arrest of coordinators and members will have effect. The people of Biafra are fearless and ready for anything; there is tremendous focus on Biafra restoration project. It has been imbedded; the people have a reality they are ready to touch at all cost.

Biafra will be restored and that will be the end of the existence of unlawful and murderous men within; the saboteurs of the people and the blood suckers - friendly vampires. The murderers of Biafra in any part of this world shall account for the heads they took. Biafrans shall not be cowards and like our forefathers in the old; not a single enemy will go with his sins unpunished. The power of consistency is the warranty of the expected payback.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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