Justice Binta Nyako

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
31 October, 2016

We must respect the position of the people that view Binta Nyako as a suspect of bias because Buhari played a major role in destroying the Judiciary of Nigeria to the extent there is no confidence in the system anymore. It is very sad that even before a Judge takes his seat to preside, it is already clear that he would unjustly favour one against another. The recent arrest of Judges that have not unjustly given judgments that would favour Buhari makes it clearer that any Judge appointed must dance to the beat of the Presidency or risk being arrested. Nyako doesn’t look like that kind of Judge that would stand her ground; she is already being fingered as executive stooge. I maintain that there is no smoke without fire; having fingered her of being a stooge; Nyako as a suspect of Bias is understandable.

Measuring the interest of the Presidency in the case, appointing a political ally’s wife who is from the same State makes issue more complicated. Today, the very Judge that granted Nnamdi Kanu bail runs away and avoids case files concerning the Federal Government; this reflects the extent of the pressure to make sure Judges are conformed. Binta as a suspect of bias is quite positive because some moves have been made that signaled partiality. Questions are beginning to fly here and there why the newly appointed Judge must take same date as that of the ECOWAS court which has been seen as an effort to force distraction on the community Court.

Justice Binta Nyako doesn’t quite possess the aura going by her records; she seemed to have favoured the Federal Government in certain cases and going by the fact that her husband deeply supported Buhari’s Presidency, it is clear that she would only do the bidding of the President to keep the strong relationship with the President. Buhari quickly considers anybody that gives a ruling that is not in line with what he wants an enemy and it is believed that Justice Binta cannot stand the enmity or the pressure that will come out of the matter. There is a deep relationship between her family and Buhari that won’t likely be broken by given fair judgment.

Meanwhile, before the appointment of any trial Judge, it is suspected that Buhari will demand a trial Judge that would give him what he wants. Fear has been instilled, Justices are being harassed and arrested; maltreated and nothing is done about this. Out of fear, it is believed that the Justices are now dancing to the tune of the President or risk arrest and detention. Binta Nyako is a suspect of Bias because she has already issued a date that would frustrate ECOWAS court that is expected to rule without favour or fear.

Buhari has made prejudicial statements that made justice impossible in the case; Hon. Ejiofor had accused the government of Nigeria of threatening that no court would release Nnamdi Kanu until he accepts to negotiate with them. Buhari obviously said in his maiden media chat that he would not release Nnamdi Kanu notwithstanding the order of competent Court that had demanded Kanu’s unconditional release. The harassment and detention of Judges is not unconnected with the refusal of the Judges to favour the Federal Government. It is not a surprise that the Judges detained are ones that have justly given judgments without fear and favour. Binta Nyako as a suspect of bias can be proven by the words Buhari has said so far.

Binta Nyako as a suspect of bias can be proven because Nigeria is a country where rule of law has been murdered by the executive. The executive power seems to be more powerful than the rule of law which makes it impossible for the bench and the bar to freely operate and discharge their duties without fear or favour. It is believed that once a trial Judge goes against the wish of the executive; he or she is taken up and sufficiently dealt with because the law cannot protect them.

By virtue of all these; Binta Nyako as a suspect of Bias is quite understandable.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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