By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
31 October, 2016

It is no longer in the hidden that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook now suffocates life out of the freedom of information using his social media networking platform. On his arrival to Nigeria, he started raining praises on Hausa people and her language which he later incorporated into his social networking site. While in Nigeria he had a secret meeting with the Nigerian tyrant - Buhari, and now he is stupidly exhibiting the outcome of the said meeting. He was bought over and pocketed by Buhari to play his evil scripts of closing down Radio Biafra outlet on his platform (Facebook)

It is with almost displeasure in my heart that I am writing out to the world and Facebook CEO in question over his current cyber bully attitude that surfaced recently from his control room. Freedom of information is an innate right of all free people as enshrined in the US, EU, AU, UN laws, and moreso, the Nigeria constitution uphold that core value which has become questionable under Buhari's watch with Facebook as accomplice.

The core values for you (Zuckerberg) establishing Facebook is embedded in these values below:

1. Meeting people that you may have lost contact with in the past and present as you search for them through the search engine.
2. Meeting people outside the shores of one's country and continents.
3. Creating a discussion page or groups where people with same sound ideologies discuss their affairs and matters arising within a given society.
4. Day to day sharing of information on what is on your mind, things happening around you and elsewhere in the world.

It is because of these set of values that Facebook won the hearts of many as a powerful social networking platform.

Zuckerberg was born in the land of the free, and in his respected wisdom ought to understand what freedom of information is to the people; a people who are not informed are practically deformed as information remains a veritable tool for a people crying for freedom, not a call for war in this dispensation under tyrant Buhari in Nigeria.

Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg for failing our collective instincts on what we ought to believe that your Facebook is all about. Government powers are now chirping in their rotten loots to your coffers, and finally, they have gotten your good spirit to dine with them, you have decided in your pure mindset to join issues with the Nigeria government to keep on suffocating life out of a people for asking for their right to self determination.

There is a saying in Biafra land that says; "Good name is better than riches",  and now we have come to know this popular 'expression' does not apply to you as you have just failed woefully by doing your Buhari's bid by inducement to suppress freedom of expression. You have dented your image before our very eyes by joining the league of desperadoes who will stop at nothing to make sure that humanity perish and that Biafra will not be achieved.

Zuckerberg, you are now a certified member of a fantastically corrupt country under Buhari as he was baptized by David Cameron before leaving office. You failed Facebook by delving into the affairs of the fantastically corrupt country the very day you cut a deal with Buhari who derives joy in clamping down free movement of information in Nigeria.

It is well known from his military days that he is a dictator who overthrew a democratically elected government by clamping down on all the media houses in Nigeria as at then, and later came back to be a democrat in another vice of silencing Biafrans and his political opponents from exposing his regime atrocities to the world.

Mark Zuckerberg, what problem do you have with the Indigenous People of Biafra since you came to Nigeria and left that motivated or warranted Facebook to shut down Radio Biafra London group page on your handle or module as information regarding to IPOB is been tailed/tracked and released to tyrant Buhari for his effective method of clamping down on Biafrans demanding for their freedom from the Nigeria enclaved?

The Indigenous People of Biafra's right in abiding by the Facebook terms and conditions of not exposing, disclosing their privacy to a third party, to any government or her agencies has been violated and infringed upon by Facebook. Zuckerberg, do well to inquire from tyrant Buhari of the humiliations he passed through trying to shut down Radio Biafra London. The same hurdles will Facebook meet if you do not refrain from this unholy marriage with tyrant Buhari and his government apparatus.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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