October 31, 2016

Prior to the historic amalgamation in 1914, Biafra had existed as a nation with her vibrant culture and system of government in place bearing similarities with ancient Israel in terms of government, culture, religion and there also existed a striking similarity in her language.

That Biafra is Israeli ally is not in dispute and this owes its historical origin to eponymous characters namely Eri and Agulu who settled on the east of the Niger which was later known in history as 'Anambra'

The nation of Biafra is nationally endowed and GIFTED by all standards. Its natives are great intellects, endowed with business acumen and inventive bent which mark them out as pace-setters.

natural resources abound in their land such as coal,  lead , lime Stone , oil and arable land.

Biafrans' way of life is unique and as industrous breed of Homo Sapiens they always excel in every field of human endeavours. They lead an independent life styles, thereby by encouraging massive progress or development in any sector you find them.

Due to the  aforementioned charateristics , they remain averse to injustice,  intimidation, unnecessary harassment, marginalization and the like. Otherwise, these virtues which freely flow in ther veins make them strong, peace-loving and ever united which speak volumes for the inability of the invading British colonial masters to penetrate them. This bred concealed animosity that eventually gave birth to the historic amalgamation which inturn resulted in plundering of their common patrimony.

However, the almalgamation was none other than a ploy to destabilize the cohesive nature of Biafra. Hence amalgamation became a part of the grand design or plot through which 'divide and rule' methodology was launched and employed  all in a bid to destabilize a people, a nation, and in the end hand them over to the hegemonic Hausa/Fulani to  keep them under permanent subjugation.

There is, they often say, no competition over destiny. Almalgamation with its attendant distraction did not circumscribe their natural abilities or felled them from their Olympian heights but aided them immeasurably in the course of their wanderings all over the globe.

However, as Biafran I had a terrible experience which was better imagined than real while in search of my daily bread within Biafran territorial borders.

After my industrial electrical installations experience,  I applied to Eleme Petrochemical as an opportunity was presented for electrician, engineers etc. I passed the test with a white man as my examiner and everything was concluded with a date to pick the appointment letter and equally start the job.

But unfortunately on the day to collect my appointment letter my hopes were punched because the aboved-named who conducted the interview and OFFERED me the job proceeded on three-months leave only for his second-in-command, Nigerian of Yoruba extraction to rob me of that opportunity.

On INQUIRY, the gateman who is coincidentally an Igbo gave me a shocker that the Yoruba man said on no condition would he allow me to work there citing flimsy excuse which bordered on fear of domination. Thus I lost that chance!

That was one of my terrible experiences, an answered prayer of many years and hope. Our commitment and dedication to duty has become a problem to others in the same contraption to the extent that they get everything twisted and often use it against us.

My experience in the diaspora in the five countries that I have sojourned  was a bitter on because no sooner did I identify myself as Nigerian than I was put on a tab.

At the airport, security is beefed up and AGENTS remain on high alert because of you and if you are by chance lucky to navigate your way through the passport control into the city, it is another ballgame altogether you can hardly be granted trust of any kind. On second thoughts, I resolved to discard the Nigerian identity for Biafra which paid me excellently well.

The seed of discord was greatly cultivated, and this has immense impact on us.  To an extent brothers and sisters became great arch enemies. We were almost totally separated, no one understands each other again,  things really fell apart.

But THANK God for our God-sent,  the Joshua of our time , the great prophet of our generation,  honorable director Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The director of Radio Biafra/TV and IPOB globally. He came with only but wisdom of  truth.



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