By Ifeanyi Chijioke
October 01, 2016

Last month was all about what the President of Nigeria told Biafran youth corps serving in his State; he specifically addressed them and told them to urge their people to forget about Biafra, he explained what he passed through during the war. This is however a barbarian’s understanding of self determination, to him, the agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra is war.
It was recorded that after Buhari addressed the Youth corps, they had no chance to say a word but were probably overwhelmed by the prospect of meeting the President of Nigeria. In as much as the Youths he addressed cannot effect Biafra agitation, he (Buhari) took that opportunity to plead to Biafrans to stop the agitation for self-rule.
It is a welcomed development asking the people to stop their agitation and help you build Nigeria, but that could have been the case when he was shooting the people of Biafra to death in hundreds; arresting and forcing them to disappear. Wisely asking them to stop Biafra agitation could have served better than making widows, widowers and orphans in Biafra land.
Asking the people to stop Biafra agitation could have served him better had he not arrested Nnamdi Kanu; even though he arrested him, releasing him when the court released him could have proved more than words that he wants the people of Biafra to stop agitation and help him build. Contravening every law known to the constitution in a bit to hold down the son of the soil you plead his people to forget Biafra is pure bigotry and I wonder how you expect a people you hated so much to react when you tell them to forget Biafra which is as good as forgetting their son.
Speaking to this reporter-Ifeanyi Chijioke, a group of serving Youth corps from Biafra had reacted angrily to the speech made by Buhari. After ample effort to have them interact with the reporter in a group, it came to fruition but not without condition. Afraid that the reporter will disclose their identities which would definitely affect their services; they distanced their selves from him but after assurances that he will maintain anonymous status on them, they succumbed with the help of a serving friend.
“You know we are serving and you must avoid pictures that would show our faces or our names; you can post our pictures after serving but in the mean time, don’t take our pictures if you want us to talk” they pleadingly said. That the reporter assured and professionally, there was the need to respect the agreement.
When asked about the comment credited to Buhari when their fellow corps paid him a courtesy visit in Daura; they were moderate and said “It is a nice idea to speak to our colleagues but the situation is complex” and when pressed further on the complexity of the situation, they said “Forgetting Biafra while Nnamdi Kanu our brother is still illegally detained is insult to us. The President should not have said such thing without first releasing Nnamdi Kanu. How can we tell our people to forget Biafra when you are detaining our brother? Nobody is a coward and that is the complexity of the situation”
Does it mean President Buhari is making fun of your colleagues and not serious about addressing Biafra issue? The reporter questioned.
It would be offensive to say he is not seriously addressing Biafra issue because Biafra itself is very serious because we are beginning to believe in Biafra. The President is a bit possessive, if it has reached to the point of talking, then Nnamdi Kanu should be released and we all start talking. But hence he is still illegally detained; talking to our colleagues is making fun of them. For the President to continue to detain Nnamdi Kanu against court orders; it interprets war and violence, it means he is not ready to talk and talking to our colleagues is a waste of time and self deceit” 
When asked if Biafra Youth corps had had a meeting to discuss or review what Buhari told their colleagues? They questioningly raised their eye-lid, clearly indicating that such thing cannot happen.
There is no need for any meeting and those of our colleagues he met cannot talk to us because they are not insane. Biafra is something bigger than us and detaining Nnamdi Kanu and telling them to talk to our people is suicidal. This continuous sympathy for Kanu is playing a big role to Biafra agitation; we are concerned about Biafra because of how he is being handled; any talk must start by releasing him”
What if Buhari refuses to release Nnamdi Kanu? The reporter returned We are not politicians but one certain thing is we shall always stay on a good side; we shall help our people when they are molested or intimidated. We shall stand behind our brother when he is unlawfully treated and made to suffer politically motivated trial. We appeal to Buhari to talk to his DSS and judges to release Nnamdi Kanu because he has done nothing and we promise to talk to our people once that is done”

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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