By; Prince Chika 
October 01, 2016

More than 80% of Nigeria Citizens cannot be proudly celebrating today's independence day. Hence there might not be a good reason to celebrate anything. It culminated from the aftermath of the choices we make. Choices I meant is not practically on today's choice rather yesterday's and yesteryears choices. A practical insight from the past and present government who allowed greed, embezzlement and fraud to eat the fabrics of their tenure.

Where is the patriotism we preach? Where is the unity we claim? Those that were put into power by the masses choose to trade at the detriment of those that bring them in authority.However, If we don't choose right today, believe me, we will go wrong tomorrow. the aftermath is what we see tomorrow. This is always embedded on the bricks we lay today. If we don't jettison sentiments and choose right, irrespective of political views, creeds, ethnicity and religion that have separated us. Everybody can not be right at all times. 

Those that chart the course of policies and those that executes or legislate haven't shown us that they love the country they represent. When leaders fail to deliver, instead of quiet resignation they sit in the citadel of power attributing blames instead of assuming responsibility. I still need to be convinced whether the intent of the populace/poor masses is to be scourged under heat and elect those that can't accept blame for their also sounds frustrating when we tend to blame evil spirits. My question is " if evil spirits have power why do they walk in the night? Religious leaders and sheepish followers aren't making any difference. No change. Where are the professionals? 

We have grown to be positioned and lead the way. How dare you employ a farmer to work as an accountant? It's in Nigeria I saw a minister that can't even recite the national anthem. WOOOOE. Very shameful to Nigerians. Those in offices are worst. Legislative confusion, executive lack of objectives and judicial injustice. From the leaders to the lead all we see are dishonest, covetous, greedy, sycophants, we see lies, we see dishonest people, a place where green is white and white is green.

Nigerian is learning the lesson in a hard way. Youths aren't better because hatred seemed to have gripped our DNA. Ooohhh my Fathers land who have bewitched you this far. Take Nigerian passport to airports and see how you will bow treated. Why??. I learnt Ghana produced a bag called Nigeria must go? I quote an anonymous writer who said: " if the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow refuse to lead today there might not be any tomorrow for them to lead." 


  • 1. Rise from "the as usual" Let's make a difference from our little corners. Mind you, our predecessors that got this independence were people of our age. I do not believe what we see today is the dream they had, the vision they saw, the freedom they fought for, the unity the wanted and the love they shared. 

  • 2. If this country cannot stay as it's like a dangling modified, let's seek for a truly sovereign nation conference where we can agree to disagree. You might not like me for this statement, but I see a future looming to oblivion if we sit to do nothing. It all depends on the choices we make. It can make us or mar us.

Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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