By Godwin Chinedu

Corruption in Nigeria have always been the order of the day; it was no surprise when the former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, said Nigeria is fantastically corrupt. Anything that comes in contact with Nigeria and Nigerians get corrupted immediately.

The media organisations are unarguably supposed to be the only hope for the common man to express the magnitude of his frustration, in a place where happiness have dropped below average on world happiness index. In Nigeria, it is the other way round, where you have poor and lazy journalists writing and feeding the public with junk and falsehood. There is no more investigative journalists but ‘brown envelope’ journalists. 

Now, in Nigeria, the media is being used as an apparatus by the category of the higher political class to deceive the populace more. The Nigerian media is a platform used to intimidate, oppress and target the gullible to perpetuate ignorance. The likes of Vanguard, The Nation, Punch Newspaper and co, are now the secondary arms of the Nigerian government used to propagate lies for Buhari and APC agenda to destroy the opposition.

The struggle for the restoration of Biafra has revealed that the Nigeria media are discredited and biased, they cannot even report the truth as to the real situation in Biafra land. Most of the press organisation in Nigeria are used by the federal government to instigate lies and division, all in the attempt to deceive and destroy the people of Biafra.

We have seen the inadequacy and propaganda from the media in collaboration with the Nigeria government claiming that the indivisible Indigenous People of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has split. They came up with the likes of TRIPOB and RE-IPOB who only exist on the pages of newspapers. The lazy approach of the journalists has hindered their ability to investigate before publishing such unverified news, is the level of mediocrity which is a norm in the Nigeria media today. 

Gone is the days the media used to be a tool to educate and impact credible knowledge to the masses. It has become a means for exploitation, to enrich the pockets of the pot-bellied editorial executives further.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is informing the public that we are intact all over the world under the able leadership of our leader Nnamdi Kanu. IPOB at this moment placed the whole world on notice that the so-called TRIPOB and RE-IPOB are the bunch of political merchants in Biafra land who are working with the Buhari led govt to kill, oppress, enslave and Islamize, the people of Biafra. RE-IPOB and TRIPOB are the fantasy of the imaginations of some fantastically corrupt individuals to appease certain persons in the high places for their personal gain.

I urge Biafrans, friends of Biafra and the general public to be careful of what they consume from the Nigeria media houses. I also want to assure you that Biafrans are united and more than ever committed to the quest of Biafra restoration, there shall be no retreating or surrendering until victory is achieved.


Godwin Chinedu Writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: EmmaNnaji
For Biafra Reporters



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