By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 02 2016

My decision to write to two of you at a go is because you are both in same line to execute the long awaited plan against Biafra restoration that would eventually fail. I am convinced that this plan via TRIPOD and REIPOB will fail because Nnamdi Kanu clearly prophesied it. I am not surprised that Vanguard is being used to finish the plan and gradually, Biafrans will start to boycott the newspaper until it stops selling in our land. I will love to arrange my context to suit the caption, by starting with Vanguard and then FG. This intense attack on Biafra restoration project will backfire; I always note that once the wrong formula is applied, it explodes things beyond repair. I am neither in haste nor will this open letter be my last one; I write to you both to show that I am aware you are chained to the execution of the war against Biafra restoration project.
I spoke to an ex- Vanguard journalist who used to be my friend and we deliberated for long the level of unprofessionalism by Vanguard and other Nigerian media houses. He arrived at a point that Vanguard is a media house that was set up for business; that it would be unwise for the editor to reject press release or news people paid sufficiently for. He further noted that Vanguard is a Nigerian news paper and would be viewed as patriotic with press release ‘lies’ that affect or will cause IPOB to wither knowing that Nigerian government is at war with Biafra. He questioned the rationale behind rejecting press release that is not true as the case may be. He also noted that hence the money stipulated for that is paid; they would go on with it. I was critical of him and questioned him on investigative journalism? He did not bother defending the porous journalism in Nigeria but ended up telling me that it is left for the public to investigate.
I have always maintained that misleading the public could be detrimental to the stability of the people of that society and Vanguard might have not accepted this fact and thus soiling its reputation and bringing morality and discipline to naught. If there is any phrase to qualify this disposition; it is express Ibadan gutter newspaper. Brown envelope journalism is what cannot be avoided but putting brown envelope above a serious issue is something to question. I accept the views of the ex-Vanguard journalist who tried to defend the position of Vanguard. Money is involved and FG is also involved and there is no how it would turn FG down. This brought us to the fact that journalism in Nigeria remains a disgrace to the profession.
The proverbial brown envelope runs the show in Nigeria and because IPOB did not bring their own brown envelope; Vanguard did the job for those that brought. I was critical of Vanguard not contacting IPOB before floating that news but with this, it is clear they were also paid not to investigate anything but just float the news as it was brought to them. Today, the news is coming back at them and destroying the reputation it built for years. IPOB are a people grounded in media and there is need to always be cautious of news aimed at destroying things. I can clearly understand that Vanguard forbids or don’t know what investigative journalism is all about; should this be the case, they need to consider apologizing to IPOB for managing and floating lies to the public.
A country the media is also corrupt will never escape damnation because even the public that is supposed to fight corruption are corrupted by corrupt media. The floating of lies by media houses in Nigeria will go beyond political implication as the moral life of the society will also be affected. This is what Vanguard news lacked or failed to consider before floating the REIPOB news for the sake of the proverbial brown envelope. I am not against fighting IPOB to retain one Nigeria but I am more concerned about how the war is executed; Vanguard should be conscious of the limit they go, making the world and the people to realize that it thrives on deceit will only make information dissemination lack trust. It is more destructive now the world is aware that REIPOB is only the imagination of Vanguard. And one begins to question; how sure are we that everything they have floated before is not their imagination or making?
To the FG of Nigeria; they have chosen to fight ideology like a people without atom of knowledge of what ideology is all about. I have looked back and asked, despite the dishonest approach and fight against IPOB; where has it taken Nigerian government? This hopeless Government has gone on to handle agitation in a barbaric way and failed to learn from the likes of UK and Spain that are faced with same agitation. They have neglected their international obligations, flouting orders and contravening international constitutions. There is no regard for human right and neither has the right to life been respected. Whilest we are at lost as to why International community has left Nigeria to thrive and go free despite its lawlessness; the image and reputation of the contraption remains damaged.
Since 1967 they started shooting and killing Biafra officially; it has not solved the Biafra question and neither were they able to kill Biafra. The agitation for Biafra is only going from one unpopular stage to another popular stage. The arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu since last year October has only given Biafra a momentum needed to achieve its goal. His continued detention has answered many questions and now gaining sympathy and unprecedented support. While they wallow in confusion with hope that holding Nnamdi Kanu will have any negative impact; it has only set the stage for the dance of freedom. They have chosen to contravene her constitution and flout orders of the court only to make sure Nnamdi Kanu is illegally held and it would be wise to ask, in spite of everything done so far, how far?
They have continued to shoot the people of Biafra and launched military action against peaceful and lawful people. They have been involved in ISIS like- execution, arrested and kidnapped the people of Biafra; made more widowers and widows. They have tried all sorts of illegality to deter the people from agitating and asking for their right but to no avail. While the people of Biafra have applied wisdom, the FG has relegated to naming a group and conspiring with Vanguard news to float news of REIPOB. They have tried so much to break the resoluteness of the people or buy the people of Biafra with money and when every move failed; they opted to directly attack Biafra. This desperate move has failed and therefore I urge FG of Nigeria to admit that Biafra is an ideology that cannot be defeated. Let preparation for a legal referendum start to solve the Biafra question as everything done to kill Biafra has failed and naming REIPOB to make a case against IPOB has already failed.
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Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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