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By: Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 22, 2016 

Not only is your Lordship being mocked and the Judiciary in Nigeria being made a thing of laughter; the Executive shows how worthless you are and entirely exposes the judiciary as incompetent. I would not blame Buhari for anything; your Lordship gave him the chance to use you and like a wayward girl; you are abused and brought to nothing. Go and ask Justice Ademola; he would tell you I am not among, he would say he did his job like a brave man. But the effort of the man would not be counted because your Lordship has disgraced the judiciary and your handling of Kanu’s case made a benchmark for Nigerian Judiciary.
When the FG opined or rather clearly stated through its agencies that Nnamdi Kanu would be released only if he renounces Biafra; I looked over my shoulder and I realized that you are still lording the case. Traditionally, your lordship alone can decide or take decision hence the matter is still with you, but when Buhari said he would release Nnamdi Kanu; I felt you are inconsequential. Pardon my curiosity; I could be wrong if only you can confirm that FG is speaking for your Lordship. This is a mockery and disgrace of the court; for a case before the court to be toyed with in this way shows the depth of corruption in the Judiciary you represent in this case. I sometimes wonder why Kanu goes to the court when the court has no say but FG able to decide when Kanu is released and when he is detained. It is high time Kanu started going to Aso Rock than wasting time in the court; the Presidency can see him and ask him questions and maybe mount more pressure or release him as they said.
It is a great ill-feeling that I have found a motivation to write to your Lordship once more; even though my first letter was not replicated in your dispensation, towards the politically motivated case before you. I have drawn strength from history and I know what consistency can do; it is my job to make sure that sanity is restored whence it was taken. In my previous letter; I drew your consciousness to the 2007 UN Convention on the rights of Indigenous People; which is the legal anchor of Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation. Having peacefully and lawfully aspired for self rule; it is presumed that he is protected by law. I also fended off any debate on the legality of Kanu’s agitation by alarming you that Nigeria is signatory to that Convention. You will agree with me that 2007 Charter on the rights of Indigenous People is an international constitution Nigeria is obliged. By virtue of her participation and signatory; Nigeria has domesticated the right which allowed Nnamdi Kanu to ask for Biafra.
The case was brought to your Lordship for adjudication and Interpretation; you only made mess of the case and detained a man widely labeled a Prisoner of Conscience. Today there is one political prisoner in Nigeria; courtesy of your cowardice and shameless grip by the executive. It is not a coincidence that you are involved in this case; a Judge had presided before you and your appointment was for the dirty job. You have thrived on trivial reasons to have denied Nnamdi Kanu bail; your porous and un-witty approach in execution of the dirty job is ironically master class. In Nigeria; everything is possible and the government is beyond the law and that you have shown in all ramification.
I watched and followed Nnamdi Kanu’s case as you preside; the ups and downs, the bad and the good; the mockery and the joke. I saw how you ruled that there won’t be secret trial and your pay masters said “Come on Mr Judge, we have no witness against this very man and there is nothing to witness here. We need to frame things; call in someone and say things, if you say open trial, then you have disgraced and disappointed us”. On the next hearing the prosecution was supposed to produce their witnesses; you reversed your ruling and overruled yourself. This is the funniest twist in the case; indeed the law is suffering inconsistency, breaking and quenching at any slightest hurdle.
Profession in Nigeria is tantamount to money; money can use any professional the way it wants; in Nnamdi Kanu’s case; is not about you making a difference in legal field but about you doing what you were asked to do and getting the reward you were promised. I understand very much and that is why I was pleased when the case was taken to ECOWAS court. You could have done the right thing and presided without influence, set the legal stage agog and be worthy of emulation but you dashed it out because of money. 
Today; the FG is not only making mockery of you but telling the entire world that you are a puppet; they could have respected you by keeping quiet; but what does respect signify to a puppet? You have your reward and do respect count when money has already counted? In Nigeria; many Judges would behave like that but Justice Ademola would not compromise the Judiciary; at least we saw that during his time on the case. Buhari having said he would not release Nnamdi Kanu on December last year and today saying he would release him if he renounces Biafra is clear indication that the Nigerian court is worthless and the Judiciary incapable of justice; especially in a case the FG has interest.
Finally, this game of shame can stop if your Lordship strike out the case or continue with your break and quench judgment by telling the FG to take Nnamdi Kanu and detain on its own but leave the court out of it. The act of leaving the court out of the case is inevitable because the court’s continued involvement is undermined by the continued position of the FG who tends to be the judge and everything is the case. The FG had said Kanu won’t be released; they today again say he would be released if he renounces Biafra, this is nothing but disgrace to everything sacred in the practice. There seems to be no law being followed but wishes of persons being followed. It is clear that Buhari is implementing his wish with the court and not the court serving justice or recognizing the law.
It is funny that renouncing Biafra is an issue for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and justice no longer considered and cannot be served by a Nigerian court. The Nigerian court lacks power to serve justice because a certain man feels uncomfortable with that. The man goes ahead of the court and publicly making prejudicial statements; stating why and how he would release a man that is before a court for justice and like a joke; in the end; everything he says comes to fruition. I am tired of the case and I question the rationale behind going to the court again. I will only urge Justice John Tsoho to either resign or strike out this case that is suffering interference infection or beyond the adjudication and interpretation of the Nigerian court.
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Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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