By: Elyn Barata Davila 
SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

As: Chisom Ifeoma Ada Biafra

  • My fellowmen of  Biafra lands;

How many decades ago had been passed through that the blood of our dear fathers, mothers,brothers, and sisters, whom by the acts of criminality by the zoo had been abducted their rights, morals,dignity, and lives in the much bloody way this Zoo Nigeria doing it day to day.But what matters are the main reasons of all these.

Is it not to forcibly own and robbed out the land while under their powers? If we  just come to our feelings and emotions to this  issues, absolutely we cannot fight a good fight but of more losses of lives  we will get from wrong reactions by fear, silence or keeping dumb just to live and run away?

What their tears of freedom are really for? Imagine what are their tears shouting before their blood shed? When we count each drop of them are, they not in one whole nation can fill in?

Them that fought and without a second thought had risked their lives just making you today who you are, are they not been victorious? But behind all these one men who by the will of the spirit did feel the heaviness of these burdens all along. 

A man chose to risk his life leaving his comfort zone and face Biafra to stand for the people to understand. Yes, we see him now behind bars of tyranny and political deceit is he not victorious?

When the Yahweh been betrayed, hanged on the cross and died and the devil ignorantly rejoice of his death was He not victorious? All these tears and blood and lives that I mentioned are just needed good seeds sown in the field of the struggle that was now bearing fruits of victory after victory!!!!! Now then if they are so victorious we may be asked ignorantly where the success and freedom is?

And the blinds may say to Nnamdi Kanu if you are the chosen one and a child of God save yourself and save Biafra. Let us now awake from our slumber Biafrans!!!!! And to the zoo, God has ended your house of slaughter.  Now is your time of reaping what you have sown before.!!!!

Woe unto you Nigeria!!!!! For your kingdom will be as broken house of dogs having a foolish man that leads to all his folly.

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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  1. Unity we stand, but am willing to take personal action in few hours to come!

    dirty has no expiring date and this so-called Nigeria have wasted our dignity much! say no to One Nigeria