By: Godwin Chinedu
September 22, 2016

Almost a year of  Nnamdi Kanu brutal incarceration by Nigerian Government, it have been such a long and painful journey of tyranny and injustice  
Perpetrated on our leader Nnamdi knau who only crime is
Uniting the Biafrans family and calling for her right to self determination.

Nnamdi kanu remain the only man in history of democracy who have been detained for over 300 days without trial 
October 14th 2016 will mark it one year, Nnamdi kanu have been illegally detained because  
He is trying to uphold UN (united nation) law for indigenous people. 

Ever since then Mazi Nnamdi kanu have be placed under ill human and degrading treatment, both physical and mental torture because he remain ideologically consistent on the Freedom of the biafra people  

Several court of competent jurisdiction have discharged and acquitted him of all terrorist and criminal charge against him and ordered for his unconditional release but the tyrannical Nigeria government being led by Buhari refused to obey court orders

And we the biafran people are asking where is Justice, since when have UN law of self determination became a treasonable  felonY and why is the international communities silent on the case of Nnamdi kanu and BIafra

This are questions we crave answers  for.

One maybe wondering if the UN charter of self-determination  is a scam , considering the roll of silence the 
United nation have being playing on the issue of Nnamdi kanu and Biafra, thats why come 23rd of September the world will witness a revolution called FREE NNAMDI KANU.

We will once again draw the attention of the international communities, the british and America government in particular  our level of dissatisfaction in her continuous silence on the injustice being carried out on the case of our Leader Mazi Nnamdi kanu who is the symbol of the struggle of Justice,equality and dignity in this 21century , his sacrifice have been second to none , in the most modest way, we have been observing both local and international law in the pursue of Biafra Freedom.

We are asking for the unbias review of our notion, the world must know that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

We put our trust on GOD because with Him we believe all this are possible and to lend to our voice to the call that Justice may  prevail .


Mr.Godwin Chinedu writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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