By Ifeanyi Chijioke
August 26 2016

Angered by the news making around that a group of people has been paid by Buhari to say they divided IPOB or claim ownership of the people; Biafran Youths have threatened to commence effective banishment and destruction of homes of the people that would surface or take part in such attack against Biafra restoration. “We want to make it clear to them; Nnamdi Kanu is in detention because he persisted that we must have our Nation. What we won’t take is; these people that have been paid by Buhari to oppose Biafra restoration. We want to make it clear that we shall start destroying their houses in their various villages if we know them. We will hunt them and make sure they are banished; this time, we won’t take any plea from anybody to stop. How could Nnamdi Kanu be suffering in Kuje Prison on our behalf and instead of look for a way to release him; Ifeajunas’ sprouted to destroy what we have suffered for. It is Biafra or we all die, and we shall deal ruthlessly with those men before we give up. We are waiting for their identities, and we can’t expect” They said to Ifeanyi Chijioke who accepted their invitation.

There has been a move by the Nigerian Government to contain the agitation for the restoration of Sovereign State of Biafra; this followed the military action that resulted in the murder of thousands of the people of Biafra. While the army action tends to be counter-productive; the Government seems to have decided to use media and few individuals to demoralise the people. A few days ago, the Government came up with the news of a breakaway faction of IPOB that was quickly dismissed by the people but in a show of determination; the Government has announced another group which disowned the breakaway group that could not disclose its leader or executives. While many see this as a move to convince the International Community that mounted pressure on the Government that Biafra is not one or cannot be trusted to give a Nation; others see it as a move to further to force Nnamdi Kanu into accepting negotiation.

Speaking to the said group, the Youths noted “We only have an interest in the people that took the plan and money from Buhari. These people don’t know what they are into; we are not only Biafrans or loving Biafra; we are fanatics, and we are fanatical about Biafra. We are waiting to hear their names and be it who; we shall banish them and burn down their houses as tradition demands. It is an abomination to play on the grave of over 5 million Biafrans that died for Biafra. We don’t care who you are; whether you are Ohaneze or Customary Government or you are Uwazurike MASSOB; all these groups must know that IPOB is not a group, and if any of the group is used for the restoration of Biafra, we shall be ready to deal traditionally with them. We shall go back to the ways of our forefathers; fighting against Biafra has now declared abomination to us” they said.

When asked what if Buhari provides them with security details and guide their various homes, they fumed and screamed ‘Biafra or death’ “We will enjoy this; if Buhari allows Sharia law to cut off the hand of a person that committed abomination; we don’t see him stopping us with his murderous security. If Buhari tries to stop us, we will multiply the punishment of the people; we shall attack their children and anything dear to them. Nobody should play with Biafra restoration because we have lost too many lives; they should better rethink and leave Buhari to his fight. It would be seriously bloody; their generation will face the punishment. We are not going to wait for the gods of the land to deal with them; the gods will deal with them through us.” 

Nnamdi Kanu has been an advocate for peace and civil approach; he has succeeded in disciplining the people of Biafra which has helped them contain the provocations by Buhari. Since the inception of the protest or agitation for the unconditional release and restoration of Biafra; the people of Biafra have remained peaceful. When this reporter-Ifeanyi Chijioke asked them about the legacy of peace Nnamdi Kanu promotes. “Peace is okay, and we are peaceful; does the Sharia law that flags or beheads a man mean violence? Where is Nnamdi Kanu to command us to be stopping anything we want to do? He is not here, and we don’t know if he is still alive because we don’t hear from him any longer. If Nnamdi Kanu commands us to stop what we know will restore Biafra; it then contradicts his belief; we won’t take it, and we will conclude he has been drugged. We are peaceful, these Ifeajunas’ that we are yet to known will see the power of religion or tradition” they said.

FG of Nigeria has failed to understand the power of ideology and the implication of being fanatical about a belief and every move to subdue Biafra question had always backfired. The courting of the impending persons it plans to use to fight Biafra restoration might this time go beyond the FG and affect the people being used should the youths implement their plan. I have always maintained that applying the wrong formula will only worsen Biafra agitation and everything is falling into shape.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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