19 August 2016

By Ifeanyi Chijioke

We might yet be waiting for the time the war to enslave the people for Buhari will start while we are already in the middle of Operation Moses. This is operation Moses for you, the accusation against Nnamdi Kanu is yet the preamble and more attacks are coming. The purpose of operation Moses is to win Back Biafra to Buhari and after that MEND will be compensated with money and Okahs’ freed but if they fail, it would take extra will for Buhari to grant their leaders state pardon. They are today fighting with everything they have and by all means. With Nnamdi Kanu’s accusation, expect more accusation, they will sell out our people and our people will die in the hands of Buhari” Isoko coordinator of IPOB who spoke to Ifeanyi Chijioke on a phone chat said.

He further explained that the game is slowly changing and we might yet be seeing the least with the accusation levied against Nnamdi Kanu that he accepted to renounce Biafra in secret. Nnamdi Kanu knowing what is at stake is a man known for impeccable character and a dogged fighter. He is the only man from old Eastern region (BIAFRA) that has ever chosen death for his people without minding his status and standard. The people of Biafra have seen much that convinced them that Nnamdi Kanu is worth dying for and it becomes very shameful to think that having lost hundreds of Biafrans, Nnamdi Kanu would walk over Biafra so dishonourably. It should be made more clear to MEND that everybody will renounce Biafra but Nnamdi Kanu remains the last man that would try such because he is called and chosen and can’t decide what God made him for. Biafra became his purpose for living just as sabotage and criminality is the purpose MEND is living. He posited.

The will to please Buhari is growing on daily basis and one would wonder the rationale behind the decision of MEND to sell the entire people of Biafra. It is widely believed that this betrayal of the people for the second time is anchored on the will to release Okahs’ from detention. While some believed that the money consciousness of MEND is behind the reason. There is today a desperate move to fight the entire people of Biafra and bring every effort to save the old eastern region to nothing. Having accused Nnamdi Kanu of accepting negotiation, it is believed that it was to show Buhari that they are working relentlessly to appease him. ”Deceit is their way of life, they deceived us in 2009 when they accepted amnesty and dropped our future but revolted against Jonathan for not handling the amnesty to their favour the much they wanted”

MEND may start to accuse the people of being Avengers, once they know you are enemy to them or their plan, they would point you out as Avengers and Buhari will murder you” Isoko coordinator of IPOB said. Going by this, the mission of MEND which is to assist Buhari is carrying out his plans on the people of Biafra may not go well for the people. “They are hell bent to destroy everyone, Buhari’s mission is to destroy Biafra and that is what they are on today” he said.

The first accusation MEND made was to have appointed political leaders in Biafra who are opposition to Buhari as the sponsors of Avengers. This move is nothing short of pleasing Buhari and pitching the people against him to further implement his plans on Biafrans. Since the protest that overwhelmed the streets of Biafra were temporary suspended due to the military action against peaceful protesters, Buhari has been looking for a way to further the onslaught. There is today a growing fear among the people that MEND may be out to destroy lives of innocent people of Biafra. “If MEND could accuse Nnamdi Kanu just to discredit him, they can set us all up and murder us” Isoko coordinator noted.

MEND has been known for its criminal activities and today they are out to show what a criminal they can be. They fought and was paid off, brought kidnapping into our land and deviated from a true agitation to pocket enrichment. They have changed their modus-operandi to playing a stooge and working for the enemies of the people to get compensated or paid. The easiest job is preamble of their operation Moses which is to fighting the people of Biafra and handing Biafra land to Buhari for enslavement. Nnamdi Kanu appears to be the first and foremost obstacle to implementation of Buhari’s plans on the people of Biafra and he feels MEND will go further in achieving that.

This is a criminal group known for deceit and unruly character; they have achieved nothing but so mindful of their pockets. They are today fighting Avengers because Avengers made demands for the people to be saved and they feel once the people are saved, their business will end and today they are ready to fight. They are today fighting and lying against Nnamdi Kanu because they feel Buhari needs good news to feel relieved as he has lost every hope of getting victory against Biafra.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for Biafra Post

Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.


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