19 August 2016
By Ifeanyi Chijioke

You help me conquer and enslave your people and I give you what your people could not give you when they were in power’. That is the state of the war MEND is on right now, they would fight dirty, fight with everything they have because their need is anchored on the enslavement of their people through them. Trying to undermine the resoluteness or hurt the pride of Nnamdi Kanu is the least of what they have in the coffin; more dangerous one is coming and we had better get ready for them. They just said that Nnamdi Kanu accepted to negotiate and we are surprised and screaming at such lie or attempt to discredit Biafra. They will surely put up more lies and fight fiercely; they will do everything to please Buhari and where they fail, they make up stories to show they didn’t fail but only had a temporary setback. Nnamdi Kanu disowned their negotiation and  distanced himself from them and they then lied to please Buhari “Master we actually succeeded but something happened, so give us more time” that was what their lie that ‘Nnamdi Kanu privately accepted negotiation’ stands for.

In my last open letter to MEND, I tried to be rational and to activate the consciousness of MEND on the need to drop personal gain and fight for the betterment of the Biafran people across the Niger. I was very happy that at least they knew they are Biafrans and try to get involved in Biafra question. I never knew I was wasting my time; MEND is hell bent on the enslavement of the people of Biafra in Niger part of Biafra and they are doing it at all cost. I lifted few blames on them; I was so critical of Jonathan who forced them into sabotage by not considering their leader who brokered amnesty being the reason they today want to please Buhari to get state pardon. They are at war and this is a decisive war; Buhari is using them to fight the people and MEND is as good as Buhari in the war to enslave our people.

In early days of militancy when MEND took the spotlight, this is also the case, Niger part of Biafra was criminalized and sabotage was the order of the day. There was agitation for resource control, men fought and lost everything but MEND only sabotaged the whole thing. They began to kidnap and demand ransom; stealing and involving in all kinds of criminal activities. They betrayed the struggle by finally succumbing to be security men to the thieves that come and take our oil at the behest of Nigerian government. While our children die of environmental pollution, MEND never considered them but only took money from Nigerian government to guide our resources for them to lift them and allowed us die of pollution and oil spill.

Soon, amnesty was announced and they jubilated while our children were still languishing, nothing was achieved for the people but everything was achieved for their pockets. While our mothers could not drink water as a result of oil spill. Our fathers could not bring home a tuber of a yam as a result of oil spill and our children dying. MEND drove round the cities “painting the cities red” as our other traitor would quote. The jubilation was that their pockets will breathe and everything will be fine; that was how MEND came to an end and the people were betrayed for Money. The people that stood firm with them were never considered. Money was put in their pockets and that gave birth to love and parley with the Nigerian government.

Suddenly, MEND turned against our people after their amnesty, arresting and implicating youth that had no means of survival if not to attempt to illegally lift oil from their supposed farm land. The land they were supposed to farm has been destroyed by oil spill. The river they should do farming has no aquatic live, consequence of oil spill. The land was not developed as there is no infrastructure let alone social amenities. The people of Biafra in that part needed to survive but hence MEND’s criminality paid off; they were less concerned about the people. These summed up a political or economic criminal that is only interested in what comes into pockets and everything is okay hence they ‘paint the cities red’.

MEND died a natural death after it accepted amnesty; the acceptance of amnesty simply means to be settled for you to stop whatsoever you are agitating for. When this settlement came; it killed the struggle for the future of the oil producing states of Biafra; from Imo state to Bayelsa and down to Anambra and Delta. That was the end of the future to build our land on our own or control what we have and use it to make a better future for our people. MEND betrayed the people and that betrayal is the reason we are suffering today. In spite of this amnesty given to them, they never pressed further for Okahs’ to be released; they were so full of the money before them that they forgot everything needed to agitate for. I am very surprised that today MEND is still being mentioned despite it died so long time ago and shamelessly parading itself as solution or option when they are again on another mission to get something.

When Niger Delta Avengers surfaced; there was a restoration of hope on the people that this group who are more of freedom fighters than resource control agitators will turnaround the condition of the people of Biafra. NDA got off in a remarkable way when they listed their demands, close assessment of the demands made them dear to the people. The demand list was people oriented than the previous demands of criminal MEND. NDA became a horror to the government and when it was clear the government cannot offer amnesty or buy them over with money and promises, they decided to go through their dirty or compromised MEND. After every effort to talk to NDA, offered them amnesty, money and promised them heaven, NDA was adamant to the implementation of the demand it made and the government lost hope and looked to the direction of MEND when military action and bribery could not make NDA betray the people.

It is quite shameful that MEND remarkably rose to fight against NDA and everything the people believed in. This war against the People’s NDA has often drawn from notable people and leaders from the Niger part of Biafra with that of Ijaw leaders’ criticism to MEND. Elders of the Biafrans in Niger part of Biafra has also questioned the decision of the Federal Government entering into negotiation with MEND and described it as baseless. MEND has no stake or neither can it influence anything in that part of Biafra, MEND is intentionally being used to enslave the people of Biafra. The FG having seen that the people are united and cannot be penetrated, it opted for MEND to serve its purposes. With clear awareness that MEND is promoting the enslavement of the entire people of Biafra, I wonder what will be the fate of the group tomorrow.

The war against NDA kicked off and they have made series of threats and warned that any demand to make Niger Delta better from NDA will be vehemently opposed. Like a joke, the war is advancing tremendously and things are happening. The latest being the attack on Biafra, having in mind that NDA holds same opinion with Nnamdi Kanu; they shifted the battle to Nnamdi Kanu and to discredit Biafra. They are now on a mission to stop the salvation of Southsouth and Southeast, they are hell bent on opposing our freedom because the people will be ahead of them with freedom. It becomes a case of wanting to sacrifice for the people or the people to be sacrificed for you. MEND have a selfish need that needs attention and they are ready to destroy everything to serve that need.

Biafra needs to fasten her seat belt because the war has been shifted and this time around, MEND is ready to fight with everything. There could be nothing like MEND but one thing is certain, Buhari is using the acronym MEND to fight against the restoration of Biafra. The war has temporary left the streets where they shoot and execute innocent lives to a psychological state and media blackmailing of Biafra. To this end, this is the matter that has risen from this topic of mine and I urge for carefulness and readiness for this phase. MEND will be defeated and maybe Buhari will have no other option if not to throw in the towel.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writers for Biafra Post.

Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.



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