19 August 2016
By Ifeanyi Chijioke

It is uncertain if there is still existence of MEND after the group was wholly settled via amnesty; given money and made security men to their own resources and paid sufficiently. Though there were fall-outs between the Jonathan government and members of MEND because after the amnesty MEND fought for Jonathan decided to drop some key persons, the government was poised that some must vomit what it gave them. With Okahs’ in detention for attempting to bomb Eagles square and other related offences as a result of the agitation that delivered amnesty; it was believed that MEND has gone. The remnants of MEND have lobbied for so long for the freedom of their leaders but could not get it until the enslavement of their people with them became an option worthy of accepting. They have accepted to be used for the enslavement of the people of Southsouth and Southeast and one thing is vivid now, whether MEND is still in existence or not; the acronym MEND is now a tool in the hands of Buahri to stop Biafra after the previous tool Ohaneze seemed to have repented or succumbed to the doggedness of their people.

Ohaneze as a pervious tool had some pride in them; they are elites that came together to suck their people or rather aspire selfishly without considering the indigenous people’s position or wish. Ohaneze played anti-role and fought against the people for Buhari; they have nothing to lose if they fail in the fight or rather Buhari has no stake or leverage against them. They fought against the people of old Eastern region with honour, I must confess that their fight was honourable. I could remember Ohaneze stroke a deal with Buhari that they would make Kanu renounce Biafra through what they categorized as negotiation. Ohaneze confronted Nnamdi Kanu for the deal but Kanu openly declared that “Instead of Ohaneze to release me here upon this deal, I had rather preferred to die in jail” Kanu made it very clear and simple. Ohaneze upon this realization went back home without ranting that Kanu agreed privately and rejected openly. They instead openly decided to oppose Nnamdi Kanu and the entire people of Biafra and the battle was honourable. Today, Ohaneze has succumbed and seems to have finally come to the side of the people when they found out the people are fanatical about their wish for a sovereign Biafra.

However, as the previous tool ‘Ohaneze’ failed, Buhari is a relentless fighter and he has hope that he would eventually succeed. He quickly adjusted and established another tool called MEND and this tool is a dishonourable one. Unlike Ohaneze that is made up of learned and conscious but dead-conscience heads, MEND is a group of vagabonds and touts that are ready to strip naked when in a battle. They know nothing like honour and they are desperate; so conscious of money and beyond money, Buhari has leverage on them. The plea for a state pardon to be given to Okahs’ is leverage against MEND and this is the reason they have decided to fight even in the mud to make sure they achieve something remarkable for Buahri. While total enslavement of the people of Biafra is the priority of Buhari; MEND is ready to go about that at all cost to implement it to get state pardon and money that have been their weakness since inception. MEND having gotten the opportunity to fight; they would do that with everything and all means possible.

I was not surprised when MEND lied against Nnamdi Kanu and assisted in influencing the press conference that consequently sacked the Lawyers representing Nnamdi Kanu. After a personal investigation into the press conference; I was duly debriefed by one of the sacked lawyers that the negotiation in question they personally quoted without Kanu’s approval was on how Biafra will be declared. As a framed up press conference, the Nigerian media was quick to float wrong news that Nnamdi Kanu is ready to renounce Biafra and with such news; Nnamdi Kanu sacked the lawyers that participated in the press conference and maintained is ‘Biafra or Death’. MEND was already failing and there is need to please the master or be of importance. When a tool cannot do its job any more, the master will simply throw it away but assurance from a tool that it can do its job with time or consolidating the master that the work was done but something happened is enough to buy time. That was exactly what MEND played by lying against Nnamdi Kanu that he accepted negotiation in the secret. This is what I defined as dishonourable battle, Buhari can use any tool he so pleases or conformed but lying and trying to please the matter deceitfully is dishonour.

MEND is now a tool and I expect a complex battle unlike the easy battle with Ohaneze during its own face off. MEND gives the odd qualities Ohaneze lacks, Ohaneze might be conscious of diplomacy and soiling of its name; but MEND has nothing to consider, already a criminal group and has no diplomacy to share with anybody and would fight without constraint. They have already begun by accusing Nnamdi Kanu and very soon, they would start accusing the people of one thing or another.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writers for Biafra Post.

Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.



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