Muhammadu Buhari

Desperation and fear of Biafra exit are now a daily sickness intensifying the insanity in moronic Nigerian leaders, especially Muhammadu Buhari. 

The momentum around Biafra restoration quest was heightened by Buhari ill-advice to arrest and keep Nnamdi Kanu in detention indefinitely. They believed the arrest of Kanu would dampen the determination. Instead, the move exposed their incompetence and lack of civility. 

With reckless abandon, they have ignited tension, chaos and murdered many unarmed Biafra to stop the quest rather than achieve their goal the energy increased beyond anyone control not even Nnamdi Kanu can stop Biafra restoration now.  
A quiet and little unknown Nnamdi Kanu was made hero overnight by this same Buhari unintelligent approach to legitimate demand of the people. He handed IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu 1 million dollar worth adverts.  The whole world right now talks about Biafra. 

His inexperience in handling such sensitive discourse is even glaring with his current approach after he realised that bullets cannot stop Biafrans.  This ridiculous moves to create fake groups on media is sickening to the sense and conscience of humanity because the world has moved beyond using cheap blackmail to determine unity of people.

Buhari has no defined purpose other than keeping Nigeria by any mean. He and one-Nigerianist do not see past 1966-1970 war of extermination against Biafra.

Sad many of them are still living in that era in action and conscience.
They do not believe humanity has progressed educationally, technology and democracy are now practical not on paper.
Had been Buhari and all the cabals struggling to maintain the status quo as used it to be they should consider that one area beyond their control is the dissemination of information.
Media has gone past era when Nigerian govt control what people read and hear.

Lack of mental development inhibits those in Buhari's circle to understand the potent of social media in information dissemination even more than stagnant Radio Nigeria and NTA they used over the years to destroy consciousness and fill the vacuum with lies which allow our people to catch all that was thrown at us.

They should know that majority youths today has access to social media. Numerous sources of news is a big advantage today.

The veracity of information in the public domain is checked making it difficult for people like Buhari and his people to manipulate minds as they wish. It's hard to hoodwink the youths who are their primary target in most of this deception.

A few weeks ago they tried much time to deceive the public with false news using bribed Nigerian media to spread lies that Niger Delta Avengers split, everyone knew it was govt paid publication. NDA countered them with the statement to trash that lies. 
As that was not enough, they went further to sponsor another false news that Movement for Emancipation of niger Delta(MEND) is negotiating to free Nnamdi Kanu, but they all failed. 

Despite all these know absurdities, they never learn to choose an active approach to giving a chance for people to express themselves to determine if they can convince them with facts instead of applying force or deception.

Nigeria govt miscalculations and idiocy know no bounds; reason for their incessant self-mockery and humiliation.
 Today they planted another offensive and ridiculous new everywhere in Nigeria media. This strategy to create an online IPOB sprinter group to hoodwink gullible individuals is already dead at conception. The stillborn is what we have today, 
One of the publication said,"We will burn Biafra’s flag, recite Nigeria’s national anthem in Abuja – IPOB Splinter Group, TRIOPOB" in daily post 24th August 2016. 

Do Buhari and his people think that IPOB youths are brainless? May I tell Buhari that Biafrans are unlike the Almajiris in the street of northern Nigeria that does not have discerning mind other than roaming about with plates begging for food. Tell me who in his right judgment will believe this garbage. All the similar attempts are laughable, but I think this one is a real show of shameless and moronic people.

If Buhari channels his energy as he has devoted in manufacturing falsehood against IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, I think the situation would've gotten a little better for those who believed him instead of his belief they must continue to subject Biafra to remain Nigeria.  He doesn't care about the economy, he is not there to improve on anything other enthrone agenda to dominate and enslave Biafrans forever, that's their goal.

Therefore it's important we understand why Nnamdi Kanu came to reverse the progression of this evil arrangement of British and Hausa-Fulani. 

Initially, they disregarded him and his message. They said he and IPOB are insignificant. Obasanjo once stated that those demanding for freedom of Biafra are hungry people seeking for attention to make money. 

Through the time and events in the past ten months, they have examined their statement because of the same individuals they discarded as insignificant is given them a sleepless night. This a significant indication that Biafra is an ideology, no one can defeat it even if they kill Kanu the quest for freedom will never end. 

What is wrong with Nigeria? Does Nigeria think deceit will salvage them from the mess they help created.? Before it was Reformed Niger Delta Avengers(RNDA) today it’s TRIOPOB? When will Nigeria govt and her cash and carry journalist stop advertising their stupidity to the public? Does Nigeria think that the so called Nigeria sponsored TRIOPOB can divide opinions and the quest for the restoration of Biafra? 
They supposed to know that IPOB is not as confuse as Nigerian govt 

However, nobody should be surprised with this level of desperation on in their circle. Nigeria is a rogue entity born out of deceit British mercenary and handed over to rogue to continue on the of destruction of humanity and civilisation.

Instead of Nigerian leaders to get themselves busy on how to break the British cage and free their people from the slavery they are doing worst than those who caged us.

But one thing they must bear in mind is that IPOB under the leadership of mazi Nnamdi Kanu will never abandon the restoration of Biafra project. 

Anyone thinking that this project will be abandon after need to see a doctor for brain examination.
 IPOB is durable, unshakeable and the restoration of Biafra is unstoppable.

By EmmaNnaji
Pulisher: EmmaNnaji


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  1. They left all the soft zones they would have used to propagate this news, and considered ABA, the stronghold of IPOB. How ridiculous. hope nobody goes by this name, because if the people of ABA gets such person, he will be skinned alive.