Biafra Nation Flag

24 August 2016.
By Ifeanyi Chijioke.

I would have appreciated the possibility of having a faction of IPOB but sadly, the people that brought the idea are entirely mentally incorrect; maybe we have to hold their grammar teachers responsible. IPOB is a people and not a group, not only is it a people but indigenous people; you are IPOB by birth and not by association. I could remember a friend asking me how I joined IPOB, and I told him that I freely decided to fight for my nation; I don’t need anybody’s order to be IPOB and neither do I need attention. MASSOB can have a faction, BIM or Customary Government but as for IPOB, we are the people and we decide what we want or what we do. I will not take much of the time for my message to be conveyed to lecture a people lost to obsession. I am very happy that today, someone will no longer stay in his office saying Biafra is a mirage. Nnamdi Kanu has forced them out to start working and strategizing against Biafra and one can only fight what is real and it is evident that Biafra has arrived.

I appreciate the non-existing politically sponsored group that would burn Biafra flag; that is how the FG should have fought Nnamdi Kanu rather than arresting and shooting innocent Biafrans. They would recite Nigerian pledge and dedicate their lives once more even though they are nothing or there is nobody in the first place. I pray Boko Harma spare that event or else they would be reminded that there is nothing like Nigeria but a contraption of death. This is a welcomed fight and if we can replace it with forceful disappearance; mass murder and incarceration of Biafran activists; it would make more sense and show decency or maturity in the fight against Biafra restoration. We are united Africans and Nigeria is a neighbouring country to Biafra and this is why shooting and incarceration might hurt entire Africa. Release Nnamdi Kanu and fight this way you are fighting; that is where I stand and with clear awareness that Nigeria is burning Biafra flag and Biafra is burning Nigerian flag, Referendum is the solution or very soon each will start shooting itself rather than continue burning flags.

At this juncture; I will like to praise Nnamdi Kanu for finally restoring the sovereign State of Biafra. It was not an easy job; who ever thought that someday Nigerians will form a name out of Biafra and burn Biafra flag in effort to fight Biafra. The magnificent news is that the Biafran flag will be burnt in Abuja to show that Biafra is not needed now it has come to stay. The paid agents that carved out the name just like Cynthia Whyte did with Avengers noted that they are burning the flag to reject Biafra and accept Nigeria. Indeed; there is another country with a flag and the other country is going to burn their flag. While Nigerians are burning Biafran flag and Biafrans are burning Nigerian flag; I am of the opinion that there should be referendum to ascertain what the people really want. Do they want to stay in Biafra or Nigeria?

Immediately after Nigeria entered its democratic rule; the call for sovereign state of Biafra started and that was the greatest gift of democracy. The call headed by Uwazurike gained immeasurable support by all and sundry and the people of Biafra started dreaming of Biafra. Their dream short lived when Uwazurike betrayed Biafra and exchanged his freedom for the struggle. I would not blame Uwuzurike who renounced Biafra and accepted gifts because there was no serious agitation during his time. He was more about the contributions being made by the people in Biafra land and never gave relevant things that will propel the struggle a chance. There was lack of determination and dedication as Biafra agitation was a business venture for Uwuzurike. No wonder Olusegun Obasanjo clearly said that Nnamdi Kanu is a miscreant and looking for fame; he yet failed not to say he was making money with gullible Biafrans. Who would blame Obasanjo for his utterances when Uwuzurike symbolizes everything he said?

Then when Nnamdi Kanu came onboard; the belief that another Uwazurike has come beclouded their sense of reasoning. From shouting that Biafra is dead to shooting Biafra and launching military action against that ‘dead’ Biafra. From calling Nnamdi Kanu miscreant to miscreantly contravening the constitution and flouting court orders. Just as they were still saying Biafra is dead, they went to Kuje prison begging Biafra to stop breathing. Slowly, they all shamefully slacked, Biafra is now everywhere and they said is the spirit of Biafra. They have now arranged Chima Phillip Effiong to burn Biafra, what is all these and why is dead Biafra so disturbing to an extent of burning Biafran flag? I can’t wait for 1st October when a flag that was raised 50years ago will be brought back, raised and burnt. If Biafra really died in 1970; what is the fuss burning the flag again?

This Abuja event and politically or non-existing faction of IPOB should form a basis for the release of Nnamdi Kanu as with the so-called faction; Nigeria have seen people that would vote for stay if the inevitable referendum is sanctioned by UN or EU. I am of the idea that with the faction; if Nnamdi Kanu is released and referendum sanctioned; Nigeria will win which would solve the Biafra question, at least kill the ideology for the foreseeable future. Every sensible person must appreciate the emergence of Chima Phillip Effiong but is it very important that they take prior permission from the Family of Phillip Effiong the second in command to Ojukwu before using his name for this politics. This is a good fight but it would still not make much sense with Kanu still in illegal detention. I want to see such fight where opposition will come out and pros’ will come out; they debate and show their strength via number. I want a situation military action will be killed, detainees released, execution of activists and more arrest stopped.

Finally, we are coming to the end of the battle and Biafra seems to have fully returned and settling; there is no more reason for holding Nnamdi Kanu and all Biafran detainees. It is now irrelevant violating the right of Nnamdi Kanu and others because Biafra was set in a way that not even the arrest of anybody would stop the agitation for a sovereign Biafra instead continued detention is a tool for the restoration project. I personally appreciate the FG of Nigeria for approaching the battle against Nnamdi Kanu politically and with the non-existing faction of IPOB; I hope to see more actions but then let Nnamdi Kanu be released before it turns bloody.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writers for Biafra Post.
Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.


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