25 August 2016.
By Ifeanyi Chijioke.

The professor of law at Greenwich University London has once more taken a swipe at the Federal Government of Nigeria for its obvious position that Nnamdi Kanu must renounce his agitation for a sovereign Biafra before he would be released. Reacting to this clause, he was so critical of Buhari and wondered where UN charter had gone. With clear awareness that self-determination is a sacred right; Nigeria is not only contravening a law but profaning a sacred thing. He further held that Nnamdi Kanu’s rights are being violated without constraint or any form of consideration. He said in a phone chat with Ifeanyi Chijioke.

Because I was of the personal opinion that all his constitutional rights under domestic law and rights he got under international laws are not being respected under the conditions of being forced to renounce Biafra. It is wholly like declaring him worthless and slave of the failed nation” he said while positing that Biafrans are being treated like people who have no worth or right in the establishment-Nigeria. Federal government had declared through MEND that it would release Nnamdi Kanu only if he renounces Biafra. This however pointed out the fact that in the first place; Nnamdi Kanu was not arrested for any crime but for being a Biafran and asking for the nation that existed long before Nigeria but was amalgamated by Lugard and in 1970 gruesome genocide, re-annexed after it short-lived for three years.

It is really difficult not to allow person(s) to exercise their rights in its rightful way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Biafra in as much as it maintains its peaceful approach. FG of Nigeria should not legally be making out those conditions that were totally embroiled in illegalities. They should only be worried about those activities that will cause breakdown of law and order”. He anchored and explained that UN charter on the rights of Indigenous People was fashioned to bring about peace and end self-determination through war. He wondered why IPOB that has been significantly peaceful could suffer such inhumanity of arrest and murder.

All the approaches so far by IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu are in line with Nigerian laws, though politically offending. It also has the respect of recognition of UN charter and conventions stipulated on its articles. Those conditions to release Nnamdi Kanu are not appropriate, right, constitutionally backed and morally conscious”. He applauded Nnamdi Kanu for the approach and posited that Nnamdi Kanu remains a symbol of incompetence on the side of UN that could not guarantee safety of the law it made. Having adhered to the last letter of the UN charter; Nnamdi Kanu deserves more than he is being given right now.

Alternatively, Nigerian Government should call an independent and neutral meeting with IPOB and ascertain the real core reason that drives their calls for sovereignty; this is more sincere and important than contacting MEND or giving illegal conditions through MEND”. He said, questioning the approach of Federal Government who could have released Nnamdi Kanu and cordially call him for dialogue and how else to meet the need of his agitation. He was critical of the arrest approach and wondered if there was any need for arrest in the first place. Hence there is a law backing Nnamdi Kanu and with knowledge of politically offensive clauses as contained in the UN charter; he posited that negligence or dialogue could have been a better approach than arresting and killing innocent and lawful activists.

He attacked the political class of Old Eastern region for their insensitivity and blamed the use of MEND on them. He described them as ‘selfish’ and lacking in will; holding them accountable for the unlawful intimidation, incarceration and possible mental torture and somehow causes the people to view Biafra project as something illegitimate. “Once they go to Abuja or Lagos, they get lost and in virtually every important gathering about the ultimate wish of the people SS and SE of Biafra. They mostly fail on every occasion that required Biafra projection” he bitterly noted.

He finally questioned the rationale behind the conditional release of Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafra detainees when they have already suffered one torture or another. He posited that there is no favour in releasing them as they have already been wounded and abused; noting that everything Nnamdi Kanu has suffered both physically and mentally; that releasing him would not even solve his problem. He decried the killing of the people of Biafra and what the people are wasting to defend their innocent prisoners and concluded that there is need for a peace to be called peace. Releasing Nnamdi Kanu with condition is not and cannot be a solution. “Nnmadi Kanu should be released with all his constitutional rights and internationally provided rights being accompanied and accorded to them to exercise at will”

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writers for Biafra Post.
Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.



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