Fr. Ejike Mbaka and President Muhammadu Buhari.

  • Why Jonathan, others do not deserve to remain in Nigeria – Father Mbaka 

In a video message obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Mbaka urged the devotees at his popular Adoration Ground in Enugu to desist from speaking evil against President Muhammadu Buhari.

PREMIUM TIMES could not ascertain the exact date of the message, but it addressed recent occurrences, including the hardship being experienced by Nigerians.
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“The entire money voted for hospitals were looted out. Corruption was in quantum. To the level that the Nigerian bishops had to compose a prayer – Prayer against Bribery and Corruption, and assured all the Catholics to be praying that prayer every day after the Communion.

All the money voted for road constructions were swindled, eaten. Many of them became millionaires and billionaires in Naira, in Dollars, in Pounds, in Euro. Billionaires, when they have no workshop, no business centre. Somebody who has nothing he’s doing, yet he’s a billionaire, because he’s a politician.

Then the oil money were messed up. Now the oil doom has come, and there is no preparation for it. The economy of Nigeria is an oil based economy. My beloved Nigerians, those who need us from last year downwards, they have killed this country. None of them is qualified to stay in this country by now. Both the presidents, the senators, the reps, the chairmen of local governments, the governors: they are wicked. 

It doesn’t matter the man of God they worship with, I tell you before God and man, all of them are wicked. They hate this country. They succeeded in removing the liver, kidneys, and cardiovascular systems of this country, and paralyzed the neurological organs and handed over to Buhari, the new president, shambles, skeleton almost, a nation that is comatic. Nigeria right now, economically, security wise, is in the intensive care unit. If the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will go.

People of God prayed from here and there, God answered our prayers and gave us Muhammadu Buhari. And I want to tell you today, God has told us that Buhari is a prayer answered. President Buhari is an answered prayer. Whether you hate him or whether you like him, Buhari is a prayer answered. The bishops of Nigeria, the Catholics prayed against bribery and corruption and this president came with a magna charter that has to do with war against corruption.

All the prayers we gave been doing against corruption, God answered that prayer through a Muslim, who decided not to discriminate. There’s nothing like religious, racial discrimination in Buhari’s administration. He’s a man for all, he means good for this country, and we owe him support; unalloyed support, consistent support, perennial support, unstoppable support, spiritual and otherwise. Because if he is not the man on the helm of affairs now, had it been the last regime continued, by now Nigeria will be for sale. Who will buy?

All the monies voted to buy this and buy that, few people stole the monies, in billions of dollars. And you people are passing through chronic hunger, joblessness, many have died, many are dying because of few people. And that’s why they want to engineer you people to cause crisis, even in this part of Igboland that Igbos are marginalized. Igbo people are unmarginalizeable. Nobody marginalized us. The spirit of God wanted me to speak good over what has happened so far in this administration, and that’s what I’m doing. I’m not a sycophant, I don’t support anybody for anything. I have the highest thing anybody can have, I have God.

So I want to tell you that so far, God is happy with Buhari. And him whom God has blessed, may you not try to accurse, because God will curse you. 

Many people people are planning, as it is revealed, to kill him. There are many plans on how to eliminate his life so that corruption will continue, so that quantum embezzlement will continue, but the Lord says ‘God who put you there will not forsake you. Be firm, be resolute, remain focused, and be unbiased. Refuse to be intimidated and refuse to be distracted. Go ahead and war against evil. President Buhari, go ahead and war against corruption. President Buhari, God and his people are behind you, you are the answer of the prayers of the people, amen.
And when prayers are answered, what do people say?

Amen and amen.

Wave your hands to the Lord.

Those who want magical results. ‘Nigeria should be good.’ ‘Nigeria should be better.’ ‘This man entered and things are beginning to be hard,’ Now oil is being sold at the rate of 30 something dollars per barrel, as against 100 and. Now to find buyers are difficult.

In overseas, some countries have started building cars that use electricity, as you are charging your phone you can charge your car. Many people are no longer buying oil. There are no more wars here and there in Iraq and so on, that will make America to be buying oil to any level. Any level we can sell, amen.
Can you eat your cake and still have it?

Our past…not our past leaders, our past looters, you may not understand, looters, embezzlers pissed on the political positions, have eaten the cake of this country and now everybody is suffering it. The youths are suffering it. And they want to tell you that we are marginalized. The Yorubas are not marginalized, the Hausas are not marginalized, Efik people are not marginalized, and the Igbo people are not marginalized.

In the present political scenario, Igbo people have the ministerial position for Minister for External Affairs, full portfolio, in the person of Onyeama. Igbo people have the portfolio for Science and Technology, in the person of Ogbonnaya Onu. You go to Abia, we have the Industry and Commerce. Come over to Anambra, we have the Labour and Employment. 

And the problem of this country today is employment. If our youths are well employed, kidnapping will go. Kidnapping was a child of the past administration. They delivered that ugly baby, and that baby resembled them. Many of you were intimidated and you will say what they want you to say. But that is not the case. It is my job to put your mind right. 

When anybody want you to say that Igbos are marginalized, don’t believe it. The Igbos in the north are doing well, and the northern people are not chasing them away. The Igbos in the Yoruba land, go to Idumota, go to Alaba, Ladipo and so on, they are treated with utter hospitality, with innovative kindness.

The Yoruba people are not fighting the Igbo people, so why are we evolving a war that does not exist. And as I said in the former message, those who are engineering this have their children abroad and they want to use our youths, unemployed and say come out of the road and begin to walk around, that Igbos are marginalized. Our roads were not done. By the end of this year, you will know who ate the money of these roads.

Listen, fellow Nigerians, what we are suffering now is just resultant effects from the past, previous malignant, maladorous, and intrinsically corrupt past political..”

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