By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi

In any sane society, the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary arm of government exist independently without one suffocating the other. Executive poking or interfering into the affairs of one of the two will be in violation of the rule of law on separation powers. The executive arm has no absolute power to make laws nor to interpret it. It's the duty of  Legislature to create laws while the Judiciary interprets them for the good of the entire society. 

Contrary to the above in any given state where Executive power overrides the function of the other two arms such a state is under dictatorship . One country under this dictatorship right now is Nigeria under Buhari considering how he has squeezed the Judiciary and pocketed it

Judiciary is said to be the last hope of an ordinary man in any sane society, but that does not apply to Nigeria at the moment because right now it's an insane society where the executive flagrantly disobeys the law it supposed to uphold.  Buhari interprets the law to suit him and chooses what to obey even when a competent court gives an order he defiles it.
 A notable example is Nigerian state security service(DSS) disobedient to a court order to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the prisoner of conscience (POC).

 The overbearing power by Buhari is disgraceful to black Africa in this age of democracy. His total disregard of rule of law was exposed during one of his first media chat(s) when he insinuated he would not release Mazi Kanu even if the law said otherwise,he further prove it by continuing detaining him against court order. 

Buhari is the obstacle that the others arms of govt are facing today in Nigeria. Judiciary has been rendered useless by Buhari's executive control of the judges. 

Justice John Tsoho is one of the judges who allowed himself to fall into the clutches of dictator Buhari. This judge John Tsoho was bought lately to take over from Judge Adeniyi Ademola when the later hands off the on trumped up charges against the Leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu by DSS. This Judge behaviour clearly show he is Buhari's puppet willing to rubbish the confidence and reputation of his respected legal profession in other to please an illiterate president.  

The ignorant president dictates to this so-called learned Judge John Tsoho on what to do, what to say and the judgement to pass all in a quest to have Nnamdi Kanu convicted. It's absurd that an illiterate President who was not even qualified to run for the office of the presidency because he does not possess minimum education qualification required by law but the likes of Injustice John Tsoho slaughters the law to favour him.

The trial of Nnamdi Kanu in Federal High Court Abuja has shown the world the crooked behaviour of Buhari. Nigerian legally system has been ridiculed because of Buhari and Injustice John Tsoho impunity. A Judge who makes rule(s) and in a short while counter rule his judgement(s) is a pure evidence of a Judge who is ever willing to remain a tool in the hands of the executive presided over by the worst and most deluded, despotic president of Nigeria Mr Buhari. 

Justice John Tsoho represent anything evil in all ramifications because with people like him in the honourable bench of any court of law will always make sure that the will of his master(Buhari) is always perfected as to jail innocent souls no matter their innocence. 

Is this man (Tsoho) not evil personified? his motives review all of already bought over Judge in the inner chambers doing the bids of his principal(Buhari) while he Buhari is oiling Justice Tsoho's bank account, unmerited gifts given to him by the presidency, landed properties anywhere in the world then cap it all with the post of Attorney General of the Federation only if he can pronounce Nnamdi Kanu guilty and jail him either by hook or crook. 

This Chameleon of a Judge had on different occasions displayed his inability to handle a transparent case all his life even with respect to IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu's case and other state matters arising, therefore, it is pertinent to state here clearly that a man like Justice Tsoho's licence should be revoked, he should be barred from practicing law until  his brain and conscience is examined. 

Justice Tsoho  is unworthy to be among the honourable men of the bench in any legal counsel; there is a plentiful lack of integrity in his person, it's crystal clear that Justice John Tsoho is working tirelessly to impress his master and all enemies of Biafra restoration. 

One thing IPOB observed in one of his court sessions was how he stopped an adumbration by Nnamdi Kanu's legal team in a court which is a legal right of a defence team in court proceedings showed that his master(Buhari) had already informed him not to allow that in other not to expose their evil plans and tenets in secret places  as to jail Nnamdi Kanu. 

Justice Tsoho should understand that Nnamdi Kanu does not want to take over Buhari's Nigeria govt as the premeditated treasonable felony charges against him by DSS suggest. He did not commit any offence under any law. He was only exercising his rights enshrined in UNITED NATIONS law on the rights of Indigenous People and self-Determination.

Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has the right to choose to remain or exit Nigeria. 

So Tsoho still chances to remedy his already damaged image, he should look at the law and be an impartial judge to deliver a just judgement or choose the dishonourable path in the quest to please tyrantBuhari.

But if he would not change which we doubt he would Biafrans and all sensible being demanded that this criminal Judge to hands off this case because anything short of justice shall not be acceptable. 

Justice Tsoho should know that he who wields the sword of Brutus at the gate should be prepared to meet the ghost of Caesar in Philippine.

Mazi Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi writes for TheBiafraPost
Editor: EmmaNnaji
Publisher: EmmaNnaji


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