Joe Igbokwe's comment on #Chivido2024 wedding in lagos is an imagination of a heart filled with anti Biafra agitition has no proven facts  - 

Anyi Kings Writes for Biafra Post
June 29,2024

The trend of  Celebrity's wedding  #Chibido2024 was  a good business to traffick seekers like daily Post Nigeria , every domant pages sees opportunity to boost their pages featuring the most hyped wedding in the zoo in the recent time, #Chivido2024  .

But in Nigeria and in this age of monetized online  social media jounalists do mess up their   proffesionalism in exchange to gain comments and reactions even if  the comments becomes 100% negative , hence  your content are aimed to generate views and reaction for a pay .

Unfortunatly, Daily Post Nigeria handlers has found anti Biafra contents as a maninued ground to boost their dieing page of over 1 Million followers with poor traffic engagement .

In as much as i acknowledged that  Igbo customs and tranditions reqires a bride's  tranditional marriage to be held in the home town and at the compound of the Bride's Father, there is no facts that states the reason #Chivido2024 was held in lagos was due to security concern in Igbo land .

Mr Joe Igbokwe who the daily post wrongly titled  as a cheiftain of APC in his unfounded comment  is one of irrelevant lagos Apc politician who only finds opportunity to serve as aide to a successive government of lagos state due to his politics  of hates against his Igbo tribe. His titled APC cheiftancy  starts and end as boi boi to lagos politicians

Careful observants shows there is no  picture or video that featured Mr Joe Igbokwe as among the guest in the lagos #Chivido2024 Wedding so why will Daily post seek the comment of Joe Igbokwe on a  weding he did not attend ? Proffesionality in jounalism  demands that Daily post Nigeria should be present at the event to   seek the opinion of attendees of the occassion to  express their feeling and exictement on the occation and in any sensitive matters of why the venue of a traditional marriage that is  supposedly to be held in Igbo land is being hold in Lagos a  foreign  land ? By doing this , a fact finding will be  established .

But  daily post Nigeria will always choose anti Biafra content and  to report negatively on matters concern Biafra and Ndigbo over proffessional reportage and Joe Igbokwe is the best actor candiate  to act that content script hence the undue attention given to him to comment on singer Davido's wedding he did not attend .

Singer Davido wedding is trending because he is one of an  influential celebrity in the zoo,  but personalities that graced the occasion are all average  personels in the zoo and mostly in the same entertainment industry this is to say that most of them are all in Igbo land going  for one stage or another and are not afraid to travel to Imo , Enugu, Abia Ebonyi Anambara to any stage event they are called upon  because of any security concerns, therefore the assumption from joe Igbokwe that Singer Davido's  trandidional wedding was billed in lagos because of security concern is mischivious and unfounded .

Igbo land remains the most peaceful region in the zoo  despite the criminals that are being sponsored by Apc politicians to blackmail IPOB and ESN in Igbo land thesame Joe Igbokwe's political party who is now sheding Crocodiles tears of Insecurity in Igbo land   .

Joe Igbo's comments and assumption on singer Davidos wedding in lagos should be disregarded , as his comment is unfounded and has no proven facts but a mere imagination of heart full of anti Biafra agaition is what he  expressed   to please  his paymasters .

Anyi Kings June 29, 2024 



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