Witten By Anyi Kings  For Biafra Post 
June 27, 2024 

Alhaji shetima Yerima the Youth leader Arewa forum opinion is laughable, There is a common adages that says he that wears  the shoes knows exactly where it pinches or hitches  him, therefore Alhaji Shetima does not wear an Igbo man shoe in Nigeria  let alone understanding the plight of an average Igbo man in British forced Union  called Nigeria .

 On this reason no one should take the fulani Man serious . An average Igbo man is born to be progressive and not stagnant, this is why even in a most uncondusive situation like Nigeria , Ndi Igbo still manage to lead in , wealth and prosperity  out of hard work and determination to succeed .

 Unlike the fulani people  who are born to be beggars as almajiris all their lives..Ndi-Igbo do not breeds almajiris , rather Ndi igbo are blessed with human capital that have the capacity to turn a desert into Paradise not  turning a city into Ruga like the fulani tribe do, as being witnesses in Nigeria . 

This God's given talent and creativity in Ndi Igbo shouldn't be mistaken to Igbo man being comfortable to remain and answer one Nigeria. Igbo man is not a Nigeria our identity is Biafra .

 The undisputable truth is even the richest Igbo Man in one  NIigeria  system lack political and economical  freedom to explore his full potential  as a citizen for being an Igbo man, and further risks of religious and tribal hatred among his so called fellow country men from other tribes, Of  which in an independent Biafra he will be free from such fear and intimidation . 

Mr Shetima is a fulani man who hates Ndi gbo and a  part of a successive perpetrator of age long injustice against  Ndi Igbo in one Nigeria system from the days of his forefathers Usman dan Fodio to the days of Alhaji Ahmed Bello , upto the present days of Muhammadu Buhari it has always been an injustice against Ndi Igbo. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the IPOB leader  and over one thousands  of  IPOB  members being held from different secret cells in Nigeria among those that were extrajudicially massacred on the course of this aggitation are all victims of injustice perpetrated against Ndi Igbo in one Nigeria by Mohammed Buhari the fulani man and presently inherited by Bola Ahmed Tinubu a Yoruba man  these injustice against Indigbo are being celebrated by Alhaji Shetima and his fulani consultative  forum brothers . This is a testament that each time  alhaji Yerima  lements against injustice on Ndigbo he is actually mocking the Igbos , and enjoying every bit of injustice on Ndi Igbo and his advocacy for Ndigbo to remain in One Nigeria is never burn out of his love for Igbo but out of hatred, knowing fully  that their inherited suppresion against Indigbo will end  once Biafra freedom is acheived, His fulani tribes men still the part of  the criminality going on in south east, while i admit that their are few political thugs for Igbo politician that has join the imported forign fulani bandits to carry our criminality in the south east to demonize Biafra struggle with propaganda of Yerimas

  99% of Ndigbo has come to realize that Biafra restoration is the only way out to our freedom from both imported fulani bandits and political thugs of Igbo extraction carrying out their criminal activities in Igbo land . Ndi Igbo are hard working tribe and not lazy type like the Fulani Almajiris  turned bandits ravaging the northern Nigeria. 

Therefore i challenge Alhaji Yerima to be bold enough with his so call igbo hater group to advocate for a true referendum For Biafra People to exit Nigeria  and stop embarking on media propaganda to demarket IPOB . Because IPOB and its mission to librate his people  out of Nigeria and Fulani bandiatry is in the heart of all Igbo man and true referendum shall put to rest his propaganda .Because no Igbo man that is a Nigerian or want to continue as one Nigeria . While i advise Yerima to focus on how to end the baditary and terrorism in Northern Nigeria 

Anyi Kings  June 27, 2024 



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