IPOB press release 
Published On the Biafra post 
May 13, 2024 

We, the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and indomitable leader Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu categorically reject any plans by the Nigeria Government to cede any part of Biafran territory to either USA or France for their military base. If the Nigeria Government is interested in hosting US and French military bases, such bases should be in the Northern region where terrorists are on rampage. 

IPOB intelligence unit MBranch revealed that Biafran territory will become very unsafe should the USA and French bring down their military bases in our land. Nigeria government must understand that Biafrans do not have enough land let alone the one that will warehouse either America or French military base. 
Currently, Biafrans are battling to curtail the terrorists groomed and sent to our region by Northern Elders  and their Leaders. We don't want terrorists to target Biafra Land because of US and French military presences. Irrespective of the State sponsored insecurity, Biafra Land remains calm, peaceful and progressive.

The unconfirmed reports stated that the Nigerian government is in secret discussions with the French and US Governments to set up their military bases in Nigeria after being booted out from the Sahel regions of West Africa. If the Nigeria Government who is desperately seeking legitimacy from the West succumbs to this pressure and allow the establishment of US and French military bases in their country, they will regret their decision. If Nigeria are unable to curtail the activities of the local terrorists, what will happen if the foreign terrorists sees Nigeria as a potential abode or target. Unfortunately, the Nigerian Government has never taken her citizens into consideration in any decision making and certainly will not consider their citizen's safety in the decision of hosting foreign military bases as long as dollars are involved.  

If the Nigeria Government eventually agrees to allow the US and France establish their military bases in Nigeria let such military bases be sited in the Northern and Western regions of Nigeria.  Northern and Western regions of Nigeria have the larger landmass and are borderlands between Nigeria and other West African countries. Moreso, Western and Northern regions have been hosting all the foreign institutions and projects for years, therefore, should host the foreign military bases. The Eastern Region does not have sufficient lands for developmental projects and Agricultural Programs let alone having space to warehouse foreign military base. We wish to remind the US and French Governments that Biafra Land cannot accommodate any military base. Yes, Biafra has IPOB leadership as leaders of the new Nation and whatever concerns our Nation must go through the IPOB movement's leadership. We are making it very clear that our land is not available for any military base. Allowing any foreign military base in our land is an infringement to the Biafra status and sovereignty. 

The risk of hosting foreign military base in Biafran territory is enormous . Outside putting our freedom at risk, it comes with environmental degradation, disruption of local ecosystems, pollution and deforestation. 
Primarily the base and her occupants will subvert our social and cultural values which  will distort the homogeneity of Biafrans. The base will attract infiltration of many foreign interests mostly terrorists that will create political and social tension in our region. These and many more negative consequences associated with US and/or French military bases are what Biafrans are not ready to deal with. Biafrans have been subjected to years of political and economic strangulation by the Nigeria State and other foreign exploiters because of oil and gas deposits in Biafra Land. IPOB will never allow Biafrans to be exposed to more dangers, insecurity and exploitation that comes with hosting exploitative foreign military bases. 

We are using this same medium to warn Governors, Politicians, Ohaneze Ndigbo, other interested parties from Biafra Region to desist from contemplating or negotiating with America and/or France on this issue. IPOB will not tolerate any person or group that tries to hand over any part of Biafraland for a foreign military base because of dollars or political favors. 



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