POB Press release 
May,10, 2024
Published on the Biafra Post 

The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and indomitable leader, Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu cautions Biafran youths not to join the recruitment exercise currently being advertised by the Nigeria Army. It will be foolishness for any sane Nigerian youth, particularly Biafran youth to sacrifice his/her life to save a sinking ship called Nigeria. 

Terrorism and insecurity is a lucrative business in Nigeria. 
Northern leaders with tacit support from the Federal Government of Nigeria being helped by foreign colonizers groomed terrorists that are ravaging the Northern Region. These terrorists have taken full control of many areas in the Northern Nigeria. They have acquired sophisticated weapons through the help of Late Mohammed Buhari Fulanized Government. The terrorists are seeking to create their own Islamic State in the North. These terrorists declared war on the Nigerian government and her soldiers and have successfully depleted the Nigerian Military's manpower. Moreso, the low morale, tribalism, nepotism and poor salary in the Nigerian Army have forced a lot of soldiers to proceed on voluntary retirement. Some of the soldiers that applied for voluntary retirement and were refused by the Nigerian Army authorities abscounded in what the military referred to as "Awol".  These factors have forced the Nigeria Army to advertise for recruitment almost twice or thrice in a year. 

It is imperative to inform the Nigerian youths especially the Biafran youths to avoid being recruited by the Nigeria Army to be sent to be sacrificed for terrorism business of the cabals. Only ignorant youths will fall into this trap and be used for insecurity cash out. If you get recruited, you are mostly likely going to be deployed into the terrorized Northern Region and most likely going to be murdered by the terrorist groomed and sponsored by the Nigeria government and it's military. These terrorists receive security brief on the movement of the Nigerian soldiers from their members among the Nigeria military hierarchy. 
By now every sensible Nigerian youth should understand that the insecurity and terrorism in  Nigeria is a big business enterprise for the cabal. The higher the insecurity and terrorist attacks the more money are looted via bloated arm's purchases and security votes. Nigerian government, the military, and the Northern Elders are cashing out under the cover of fighting terrorism and insecurity but behind closed doors, they wine and dine with the terrorists. A government that pays ransom in millions of dollars to terrorists is indirectly funding terrorism. 

We advise Biafran youths not to be lured into untimely death. They should not allow themselves to be exploited into a money making business of terrorism. IPOB advises Ndigbo to keep off from the Nigerian Army recruitment exercise. Remember, Igbo youths are endangered species and our enemies think that you can be sent to the slaughter 

house of terrorists and jihadists. The Nigerian Government will never announce recruitment into good jobs that will benefit the youths, but into suicide mission job like their Boko Haram infiltrated military. Any Igbo youths who would like to serve in the military should wait a little while longer for the coming of Biafra Nation where military service will be recognized and rewarded accordingly. 

It is time that Nigerian youths ask the looting club politicians to bring their children who are overseas partying and enjoying their parents loot to return home and join the Nigerian Army in order to defend their parent's business enterprise called Nigeria. Nigerian youths wake up! Biafrans youths are already awake.



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