Dear President of UNGA,

Permit me to overlook some protocols and also keenly listen to my speech because I am in a better position to debrief you how much this great Assembly has done in promoting a better world. I am one of the end product of the effort of this Assembly. I am Anyi Kings; a writer, journalist, social and political critic. I might not be recognized by this Assembly because neither I nor any of my articles have made it to the international stage, example mainstream media. This is because I am not a politician and neither have I any political appointment; I am a Pan-Africanist but unfortunate to come from Biafra, a nation re-annexed by force of arm in 1970. Biafra today exists under the sovereignty of Nigeria as conquered people and I am deeply dispassionate about it.

I want to immensely thank this Assembly for bringing or facilitating internet in Africa and the resultant effect of social media, the world became a global family with the help of social media. I thank you all because without this Assembly, Africa will not have access to internet, we are so backward that we cannot produce or invent anything. Even many years of colonial masters’ exit from Africa, African judges still wear wig, this is to prove that we have not emancipated ourselves from mental slavery of the colonial masters.

It is crucial this Assembly listens to me because I stand a better chance to giving clue to what will strengthen and further positively define UN. This might be the first time a common man like me addresses UNGA and all thanks to social media that has giving me an avenue and a platform to freely air my views in this all important address to the ladies and gentlemen that graced this year occasion of UNGA-78.

African leaders that stood on the podium, on this stage spoke for African politicians and an average African politician is all about his pocket, forget the emotions and goodwill messages because they strive in enslaving and savagery of their people back home. 
Therefore to ensure due representation of African continent it is my prayer to move a motion for this Assembly to annually invite a common man to also debrief the progress of United Nation in Africa.

Let me clearly state unequivocally here in this address that Africa is filled with human rights violations, degradations and subjugations of our collective wills to which have hampered developments and these violations don’t come from hapless citizens but from the leaders of respective Africa countries or nations. I will use Nigeria as a point of reference to buttress my points.

- Violations of Biafra People's Right to Self-Determination 

Nigeria as a member Nation to United Nations has continued to violates chapter one of article 1 and 2 of United Nations Charter for self-determination. Using brute force of arms to suppress a peaceful agitation for self-determination within the Biafra region. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is an umbrella movement agitating for Biafra self-determination in Nigeria, their call and demand is for a United Nations approved and supervised referendum to freely and willfully  decide their fate to either stay together as Nigerians or to exit the British government created Nigeria and restore her sovereignty back. Biafra is a nation that was forcefully re-annexed back to British Nigeria in 1970 after over six million of her defenceless people were massacred by Britain's supported war of genocide.

Since the war ended in 1970 that the people of Biafra surrendered their arms and choose a peaceful means and dialogue in her quest for total freedom from Nigeria, the Nigeria government has continued to use the force of arms to suppress every avenue for justice for the Biafrans. We have it on record that over a thousand handful of Biafra peaceful agitators are being extra-judicially killed by the Nigerian security forces on a yearly basis.

- Violations of the Rights of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ~ The IPOB leader 

1. Nigeria as a member Nation has continued to illegally detain Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra who was extra-ordinarily renditioned from Kenya against all international protocols where he traveled as a private British citizen with his valid traveling documents as a freeman. Despite the United Nations Working Group (UNWG), on arbitrary arrest and detention recommendations that he should be freed and be compensated. Yet Nigeria government has continued to maintain a deaf ear.

2. Nigeria Federal High Court has pronounced a verdict directing that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should be apologized to, compensated for the september 14, 2017 military invasion of his home where in attempt to assassinate him  over twenty eight unarmed young able men and women of his supporters that paid him a courtesy visit were extra-judicially murdered in cold blood, these Kanu's faithfuls lost their lives in the hands of the Nigerian Security forces, even the competent court where his case was brought up opined that Kanu is a lucky man to have escaped to Israel and sternly ruled out that he didn't jump bail contrary to the Federal government charges against him that he jumped bail, the Court went further to say that rather it is an effect of the circumstances surrounding that very ill invasion of his home that forced him to fled.

3. Nigeria as a member Nation has continue to disobey and maintain a deaf ear against her own Appellate Court verdict that discharged and acquitted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of all the fifteen frivolous count charges against him with a verdict that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should not be tried in any court of law in Nigeria in the manner which the government has done.

Nigeria has continued to order for military invasion of peaceful communities in Biafra land with little or no provocations in a defenseless civilian living population in their quest to silence the Biafra agitation, they use their military and her other joint sister security forces to invade homes, burn houses extra-judicially kill innocent residents and unsuspecting citizens of Biafra, have disappeared many while thousands of families are being displaced.

Going further; I wish to remind us that the Nigeria ex President Muhammadu Buhari mounted this podium of UNGA-72 and 73 and audibly demanded that UN be given attention to the right to self-determination of the Palestinians, he urged this Assembly to reach a resolution to giving Palestine statehood and that I rather found hypocritical. I believe he was motivated on the basis that the annual general assembly of this fold is a formality or political parade.

He so much believes that this Assembly gathers annually to play and take the opportunity to make favorable or political comments and not actually to addressing a real issue of concern.  He agitated for Palestinian statehood twice in this podium during his administration, he continues to stubbornly agitate without being gagged.

Let me sufficiently alert this Assembly that when a section of his country led by Mazi  Nnamdi Kanu demanded for a referendum for statehood as he - dictator Muhammadu Buhari has always canvassed and directly agitated for the people of Palestine. Same tyrant Muhammadu Buhari unleashed his military venom on Biafrans; Buhari's military continues to kill our people indiscriminately, his military of occupation maimed the people of Biafra satisfactory to their chagrin. There are up to date catalogue documentations by a world leading international human rights organizations, like Amnesty International, Civil Society and Rule of Law on Crimes against Humanity perpetrated by the Nigeria Government of the past and present administration that this Assembly has maintained a sealed lips and a deafening ear.

Finally; I wish to submit that Nigeria as a member nation is the reason the world believes that UN has been poorly saddled and ineffective, she contributes to the criticisms that have trailed this great Assembly and unless action is been taken to addressing her  mess, Africa will continue to prove the inability of this Assembly to achieving a better goal. If Nigeria is properly dealt with; it would be a lesson to other Africa countries to sit up and do the needful to at least secure a free and humane world.

I want to appreciate the social media giant owners like the X otherwise known as twitter and Meta formerly known as Facebook for making their platforms available for me to briefly make this submission as I hope that this shall reach the appropriate channel for urgent attention to deliberate on the rights of Biafrans and her civil and genuine demand for a free and fair referendum which is only a universally peaceful principle or approach in settling conflicts. 

Long Live UNGA!
Long Live Humanity!
Long Live Biafra!

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
X Handle: @NdubuisiEke07


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