IPOB official press statement 
Published on the Biafra Post 
September 27, 2023 

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has slammed the federal ministry of education for allegedly introducing an ethnic hate-based textbooks that describe Igbo as invaders and troublemakers into the school curricular.

The book, “Fundamentals of Civic Education for Basic 8” written by Sola Akinyemi, is an approved textbook for JSS 2 students.

IPOB, in a statement by its spokesman, Emma Powerful, claimed that its approval is a clear manifestation of hatred against Ndigbo and capable of brainwashing Nigerian children against Igbo tribe. He said the action is not only wicked but also meant to brainwash non-Igbo children to hate Igbo.

IPOB warned that if the book is not yanked off from the curriculum after 14 days, it would be banned and burnt wherever it is seen in the South East.

“In the history of Nigeria, there is no record that Ndigbo has invaded nor attempted to conquer any other tribe, now or in the past. Ndigbo has never had a history of invading other tribes.”

IPOB, however, demanded immediate removal of such books from Nigeria’s school curriculum.

IPOB equally said that the ministry of education and the author of the book should organise a public debate and lecture Nigerians and the world on this false history of Igbo invasion of Ife kingdom 

“Moreso, we demand that educators, the state Ministry of Education, headmasters and headmistresses, and proprietors of Igbo extraction lead a petition to demand the removal of this ethnic hate-based book from the education curriculum.”

IPOB warned that if the book is not yanked off from the curriculum after the expiration of 14 days, the book would be banned and burnt wherever it is seen in the South East.

“In the event that the bigotry of the government of Nigeria and her education ministry refuse to remove the book from all their schools, then Ndigbo would abolish such an evil book from schools in the Eastern region.

“At the expiration of 14 days from the release of this press statement, if the government does not withdraw the treacherous book titled “Fundamentals of Civic Education for Basic 8 (JSS 2), well order Ndigbo both young and old, big and small to locate the books in our region, the Eastern region, and burn them.

“Again, every IPOB member must help search for this evil and distorted history book and burn every copy found. All schools in the Alaigbo should reject that book and must not allow it to be sold to school children. Igbo parents everywhere in Nigeria must not buy such books that seek us against other tribes in the contraption called Nigeria.

“In fact, we call on Ndigbo to reject every book that is authored by Sola Akinyemi. All his books should be burnt anywhere they are found in the East.

“It is disgusting to discover that a Yorubaman authored such a book against Ndigbo to brainwash non-Igbo pupils and continue their age-long hatred against Ndigbo. That won’t work for him and his sponsors in this day and age.

“The hatred against Ndigbo is incurable, and the purveyors of this ethnic hatred have gone beyond political exclusion to distort history to perpetuate their hatred,” Powerful stated.



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