IPOB Press Release
September 5, 2022
Published On The Biafra Post 

In view of the denial of series of cases of the disappearance of IPOB members and the continued enforcement of disappearances of our members and sympathisers by DSS, we the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to wa

rn the criminal secret police (DSS) of Nigeria to stop lying about the disappearance of IPOB members and Igbo youths whom they abducted serially since 2020, 2021 and 2022 throughout Biafraland.

The DSS was mobilised to kidnapped, detained and disappear our members in their several detention facilities in the country. IPOB have countless of members that have been forcefully disappeared by  Nigeria  Department of  Secret Service (DSS) in the last three years. One will wonder how a notorious DSS would denied being involved in forceful disaperance of many innocent Biafrans.  We challange International Community and International Organisations like Amnesty International and other reputable Human Rights Organisations to ask questions about the names of disapered Biafrans mentioned below. 

The following IPOB members were abducted by terrorist masquarading as DSS, Police and Army in various States in Biafra Land. Some of them have not been seen by any one since their abductions while some are detained incomminicado without access to family members and Lawyers.

1. Godwin Joy Idara;  abducted on 8 November 2021.

2. Ikechukwu Henry; abducted on 23 August 2021

3. Mr Ifedi Sunday and Mrs Ifedi Calista (Husband and Wife); abducted on 15 November 2021.


1. Ezike Wisdom Nwambam; Abducted on 26th June 2021.

2. Kenneth Ojima; Abducted on 26th June 2021.

3. Onyeibe Chinonso; Abducted on 26th June 2021

4. Igwe Johnson; Abducted on 26th June 2021.

5. Okezie Fortune; Abducted on 26th June 2021.

6. Kingsley Chima;  Abducted on 26th, February 2021.

7. Emeka Ngonadi; Abducted on April 10, 2021.

8. Chidiebere Echefu; Abducted on November 8, 2021.


1. Chinaedu Ejesu,  Abducted on November 2021.

2. Solomon Onyegbulam

3. Ukpai Michael

5. Ibeleme Tochwukwu
Including hundreds of the remaining victims Obigbo genocide and forceful disaperance committed by the little Hitler Nyesom Wike during ENDSARS in 2020.  

1. Mazi Okwuosha was abducted at his house in Oguta, Imo state on 28th May 2021

2. Comrade Solomon Onyegbula was abducted by F-SARS led by Notorious disgraced Killer and fraudster known as Abba Kyari on March 8, 2021 in Owerri Imo State .

3. Mr Emeka Ngonadi was illegally abducted while travelling from Lagos to the East by the state security services (SSS) and detained since April 10, 2021


1. Obuneme; Adopted in Obingwa in May 2021 by RRS & DSS IN Aba Abia state.

 2. David Ogbonnaya; Abducted on 26th June 2021.

3 Chinedu Nwaoba, Abducted on 26th June 2021.

4. Aja Joseph, Abducted on 26th June 2021.

5. Barrister Awoke, Abducted on 26th June 2021.

6.  Ejike Aniadi was abducted on 19th April 2021 by combined security operatives in Aba Abia State. 
7. Mazi Chukwuma Nwokike was abducted by Nigeria security operatives on 26th July 2021 in Aba Abia State.

8. Mazi Mike Ukpai was illegally arrested on the 20th of May 2021 by the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) in Aba Abia state.

9. Mr and Mrs Ifedi Sunday was abducted November 2021 in Enugu State by DSS list of the currently abducted people in Abia State.

10.  Mazi Chukwuma the Coordinator of St Paul's Zone in Osisioma LGA. Abducted on the 26th of April 2021, To unknown destination.

11. Mazi Emmanuel Ikechukwu the Coordinator of Stadium road zone in Aba South LGA. Abducted on the 8th of June 2021, to unknown destination.

12.  Mazi Chidiadi Dominic a volunteer from Nsirimo zone in Umuahia South LGA. Abducted on the 4th of June 2021, to unknown destination.

13. Mazi Chukwudi Friday, a member of Olokoro zone, UMUAHIA south LGA. Abducted on 21st may 2021, to unknown destination.

14. Mazi Tochukwu Ebeneme the Coordinator of BTC zone 1 in Aba South LGA. Abducted on the 15th of June 2021, to unknown destination.

15. The Admin Officer, Mazi Michael the former Abia State CSO, who has been taken to Abuja since 2021. His location unknown.

16. Kenneth Nwafor, was arrested at Isiukwuato last month August 2022. His location unknown.

17. Mazi Nduka C. Onyeani was arrested in his office at Uche Ogah's company last month August 2022. His location unknown.

18.  Mazi Innocent Okorie. Arrested on 5th September 2021, detained in Afara Ukwu prison.

IPOB victims of forceful disaperance were taken to the following detention facilities by Nigeria Security Agencies , denied  family's and lawyer's access and later disclared missing.

1. Azuka Police station,Ohuru ishimiri, RRS Aba north, Abia State

2. World bank Police station Aba Abia State

3. Cameroon barracks Aba Abia State

4.  CPS police station Aba Abia State

5. Mopol base Umuahia, Abia State

6. DSS office Umuahia Abia State

7. CID Headquarters Abakeliki Ebonyi State

8. DSS Office Ebonyi State

9. RRS Police Station Owerri, Imo State
10. State CID Headquarters Owerri Imo State.

11. Obirinze, Ohafia, Enugu Military barracks all in the Eastern Region

12. DSS Headquarters Abuja.

13. Jaji Military barracks Niger State.

And many unknown detention and secret execution facilities runned my murderous Security Agencies of this Government where they were detained incomminicado and most often declared missing. 

If DSS  can deny many disappearance of other affected Nigerians they cannot deny the disappearance of IPOB members across South Eastern Region because we have records of our members. The disappeared IPOB members were usually tracked by DSS, Abducted and detained in any military barracks or police stations. Few days later DSS, Police and Army will deny not having them in their custody and those people were never seen again.
The DSS must tell the world the whereabout of many Biafra citizens they adopted many years and months who were never seen till date.

Nigeria Government set up non-uniform special joint security kidnapping squad who terrorise our people, kidnap any perceived IPOB member or a sympathizer. The victims are usually kidnapped on the road whisked into their vehicles to unknown destination or slaughtered on the way. Some victims were kidnapped in their houses in the middle of the night by the same terrorist sqaud. They carry out this Gestapo operations to avoid being identified but they don't know that our people usually followed them to the last point. Some of the victims who were lucky to get to stations were secretly murdered in cold blood and their organs harvested. 
For instance, DSS Office in Umuahia and RRS Aba North both in Abia State has a large underground warehouse where they butcher and dismember the body parts of our people. Women among them are repeatedly raped and if anyone gets inpregnated she is taken to forced abortion by these terrorist security. 

If the Nigeria Government and their terrorist security squad continue to deny, the families of those kidnapped will be ready to testify.

Currently, there is an ongoing ethnic cleaning been carried out by Nigeria 14 Military Brigade in Ohafia, Abia State under the Commanding Officer, GENERAL ADEGOTE ADETUYI.
On Monday August 29, 2022,  the Commanding Officer and his soldiers from 14 Military  Brigade Ohafia we're seen snapping people's shops and compounds. He promised to shoot down every living thing in Ohafia within seven days because the villagers are resisting Fulani kidnapping gangs from operating in their Communities. The soldiers threats was to encourage fulani to continue kidnapping in villages of Ebem Ohafia, Amaekpo,  Amangwu and Asaga.

These terrorists in military uniform are going house to house breaking through homes and arresting some youths within communities in Ohafia. Those found to have Igbo tribal  marks are branded IPOB and ESN Operatives which may attract instant assassination. These terrorists claimed they don't know that majority of Igbo people have tribal marks given to them from childhood. Tomorrow the same compromised terrorists Military will deny carrying out such unwarranted massacre of Igbos. 

IPOB therefore, urge Amnesty International and  International Community to intervene to prevent State sponsored ethnic cleaning of Biafrans by Nigeria Government in Biafra territory. IPOB quest for Biafra Nation through UN supervised Referendum is a lawful and global democratic process which doesn't call for genocide against Biafrans. 


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