IPOB Press Release
September 5,  2022
Published On The Biafra Post 

The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to reiterate our warning to Biafrans who are behind the plans of selling our ancestral lands to Fulani Government in the name of building projects. 

IPOB is amazed that inspite  of all the warnings and enlightenment on the evil plans of Fulanization agenda, some criminals in Uzuakoli Community in Abia State have colluded with Fulani Government to sell Uzuakoli community land in the name of building Federal Prisons. 

How will these so called leaders in Uzuakoli Community allow Fulani terrorists Government to deceive them that they are coming to build prison in their Community? 

We wonder how our people would descend so low to comprehend the point of gimmicks and deception by fulani to make caricature of them. 

The Traditional Rulers, Town Union Leaders, Community Leaders, Elders have concluded plans to sell lands belonging to Uzuakoli Community to Fulani Government because of monetary gain. They are embarking on a journey that may consume them and their families. They will regret should they go ahead and hand community Land to the  Fulanis. 

IPOB wish to warn the Fulani useful idiots to return any money they have collected (if any) or be ready to dance "surugede" dance that IPOB will play for them.  We will pursue them until they refund the money they have collected. Even if the man who sold the land dies, IPOB will never spare the family unless they prevail on their brothers now to return the money they have collected without delay. We are monitoring them and they will regret their actions unless they retract and cancel that land transaction.  Let no body  blame IPOB in whatever actions taken to safeguard our land and people in Uzuakoli Abia State. 

are suprised how these selfish, greedy men were deceived that the Caliphate Government is coming to build prison in Uzuakoli.  Already there are Prisons at Umuahia and Arochukwu that are border communities with Uzuakoli. What then is the essence of citing another Prison at Uzuakoli? This shows that something is fishy about the project. Come to think of it, of what benefit is the building of another Federal Prison in Abia State let alone Uzuakoli? 
Why didn't Fulani think of building companies, hospitals, markets, schools and shopping malls in Uzuakoli? 
IPOB won't watch them take over our ancestral lands and hand over to Fulani by tricks. That can never happen! 
We have warned every community in Biafraland to stop selling our lands to Fulani Federal Government for any projects because they are looking for lands to camp their imported fulanis from Sahel for Ruga. We won't allow such deception to go through and we shouldn't be blamed by the time we start dealing with the "efulefus" useful idiots that Fulanis are using for Fulanization agenda in Biafraland.

The important role Uzuakoli people played during the genocidal war against Biafra remaines in the enemy's mind. This inroad by fulanis to Uzuakoli is to checkmate the activities of Uzuakoli people but they will fail. 

Therefore, we are warning these criminals claiming to be representing Uzuakoli to never give anybody this land. They have been given the chance now to return any money they collected or risk restlessness until they join their ancestors. 

We are reminding the following people to ensure that Uzuakoli Community Land is never handed to Fulani Government in the disguise of building Federal Prison.

Ozuo 11, Uzuakoli 

HRH Eze  Kanu Ikonte .


President General (UDA ) Uzuakoli Development Assoication 

Engr Okechukwu Mark Nwaokoro 


Youth chairman Ngwu,  Uchechi Maduka 07039089316

Ugwu 1 of Ngwu Uzuakoli  HRH J C Okorie 

Tel- 08075223521

The Traditional Ruler, President General and those who signed for the selling of our lands to the Fulani to start Ruga in Biafraland should be ready to vacate our land very shortly or be ready to contend with IPOB in Uzuakoli and its environs. Handing over the community lands to the Fulani Islamic caliphate at a time like this to camp their so called repentant terrorists is aborminable act. Those involve should reverse this evil decision or pay the price of sabotage.


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