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Dear Heir Apparent - King Charles III,

Greetings from me to you His Royal Majesty the King of United Kingdom England Mr. Charles Philip Arthur George. Permit me to acknowledge a divine intervention of God Almighty upon your life in your life journey to attain to the monarch throne of United Kingdom and fourteen (14) other common wealth realms that you are gladly sitting on presently. 

As Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay from 1952 to your accession, you are the oldest and the longest-served heir apparent in British history, and the longest-served Prince of Wales, you having held the title from 26 July 1958 until your accession. At 73 years of age, you becomes the oldest person ever to assume the British throne, a record previously since 1830 by William IV at age 64.
What this means is that you set a record as the longest served heir apparent in British history and the longest served Prince of Wales and broke a record to become the oldest to ascend to the British throne as a King.

At 73 years as a King with over 70 years already served as a Prince there is little or nothing to expect from you to do differently because you and your demise Mother Queen Elizabeth II are the same and as you helped her maintained the status quo of making sure Britain continue to enjoy stolen resources in Africa thereby impoverishing Africa while your government continues to meddle in the affairs of your former colonies by proxy through greedy and corrupt African leaders  planted by your government which to the best of my knowledge held Africans down until her death and from the look of things you are likely not willing to make any amendment for posterity sake. 

Hence My discsion to pen down and direct  these few worded advice to you.

At 73 years even if you kick the bucket in the next second you have fullfiled your life aspiration as the King Charles III of United Kingdom. 

At 73 years you are already full of grey hair which is a symbol of old age that comes with blessings and wisdom from God, but with little time to use it.

Therefore it is necessary you ponder on the legacies you will be leaving behind and choose to act right while you are still alive.
One of the evil legacy that your mother the late Queen Elizabeth II left behind that will hunt her wherever she is right now is the scares memories of her role against Biafran people. Most especially the role your British government played during Nigeria genocidal war of aggression against my people the Biafra people of 1967-1970 class.

It will be unnecessary to take out space in detailing you what actually transpired when your late mother - Queen Elizabeth II was the principal actor of all the war crimes and genocides that happened in Africa where the British government had former colonies. Millions of Biafrans lives were cut short by the shadow hands of British government. Many were starved to death by hunger while others were bombarded in their villages, homes, market places, schools and religious places [churches], directly aided and heavily sponsored by your British government under the instructions of the Royal crown. This was an awful history you are directly involved as  the Prince of the United Kingdom.  

But let me remind you that the same Nigeria you forced Biafrans to be part of the unholy union is still Killing Biafrans and Biafrans are still demanding for their freedom.
Petitions upon petitions has been written and forwarded to your office. Protest upon protest has continues against your government to urgently allow Biafrans regain their freedom through a democratic process called referendum. But yet your office has continue to throw away the petitions that contained the plight of my people rather than reacting to it to find a lasting solution and possibly re-write your ugly history by supporting Biafrans to have their freedom. It is shamelessly that your office has decided to just file all the protest letters and petitions that is directed to your office while you keep a blind eyes to the plight of Biafrans.

At 73 years I believe God is still keeping you alive and also elevated you to become the King of England is to extend all the opportunities available just as he did to your late Mother the Queen Elizabeth II so you can make use of your good office and your old age to re-write your wrongs by beginning to tender public apology to Biafran people for all the artrocities your British government aided, abated, to have committed against Biafrans while you start the process of peacful disintegration of the expired former British colony called Nigeria your home crown created to last for 100 years for your home crown economic interest.

Prince Charles III, If you do this it will go a long way to heal the decaying wounds your British government caused to Biafrans and it will be on record that you utilized your God given opportunity unlike your mother the late Queen Elizabeth II who rather than do the right thing decided to go to her grave unrepented. Hope to hear good news from your office soon about your stand on the Biafra Independence and referendum question.

Written By Anyi Kings | Publisher The Biafra Post

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