Written by Anyi Kings  | For Biafra Reporters |May 5, 2022 
                                                                                                                                                                Since the News of the about to wed Couple (Nigerian Soldiers), who were beheaded by some unknown hoodlums, in an unknown location broke, both the Nigerian Media and Army have demonstrated acts of Complicity, in the beheading of the innocent Couple. The target of these government Agencies, is to sell their terrorist Propaganda, against the indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).Professional Journalism is meant to report News objectively, but unfortunately Journalism in Nigeria is more of copy and paste, devoid of    in-depth Investigative Journalism.       

                                                                                    The fallacious Statement released by the Nigeria Army, with regards to the sad News, of the atrocious beheading, of their corps members, shouldn't have made it to the National Media in the first place, if the Media still have any iota of dignity and honour, left to protect. But for the fact that the Fulani controlled federal government controls the media, and it’s Security Architecture and Apparatchik. Both the Nigerian Security Agencies, and the Nigeria Media, are now wallowing in unprofessionalism, in their desperate bid to profile innocent Igbo Youths, as unknown Gunmen, while targeting IPOB and ESN for cheap blackmail.   

According to a credible News Report, the unknown assassins that beheaded the military couple, who were on their way to Imo State, to perform their traditional marriage rights, had Conversation with a friend of their killed Victims, in a manner, chosen by these hoodlums to pass on their messages, to the relatives of their murdered Victims . In that Conversation, they never claimed to be IPOB members or ESN Operatives; rather, they claimed to be unknown gunmen, and gave reasons, why they beheaded their victims. The Conversation is in public domain, for all who choose to listen.  But what is surprising is that, an Institution like the Nigeria Army, that was   expected to be professional, simply based their reaction devoid of empirical facts and incontrovertible evidence. Their Investigation was solely based on audio Report. This is a proof that both Nigeria media and Nigeria security Agencies, given an infantile pre-meditated Script to act upon. 

Nigerian Journalists are yet, to reach out to the families of the Couple     (both Soldiers), their loved ones, including their Colleagues in the Barrack,  for a one on one interview and assessment of the ugly situation, especially with their close Associates, who  may have being privy to, their traveling plans and trip iterinery. The Nigeria Army did not border, to track the location of these hoodlums, and their Communication with some friends of the Victims.

 An interception of their Communications using digital gadgets should have provided enough logistics, on how best to recover their bodies, and apprehend the culprit/s for interrogation; and possibly bring them to Justice. Despite the enormous funds and equipments at her disposal, the Nigeria Army and Security Agents failed to discharge their legitimate duties of Comradeship to the Victims. Rather the Nigeria authorities are desperate to sell false and malicious narratives, to falsely tag this dastardly act in cold blood, on the IPOB and ESN. Their aim is to present that IPOB is a violent Organization before the International Community. This display is an act of desperate unprofessionalism, on the side of the Nigeria media, and Security agencies,  and remain a valid proof of government complicity, in the regrettable and callous murder of this about to wed Couple. 

The IPOB as a movement has demonstrated high level of discipline, in their modus operandi globally.  This is the reason the Nigerian government failed, as it continues to sell false, malicious and fallacious narratives against the IPOB. The Zoo government deployed huge amount of money and other resources in their desperate bid, to influence all the National media, and cause them to sell their fallacious and often pathetic narratives, against the IPOB and ESN. This desperation however has exposed the very underbelly of the fraudulent and corrupt System Nigeria state operates.

The Statement released by the Nigeria Army, has rubbished their evil narratives, which makes their claim the joke of the Century. In this fallacious Press Statement, the Nigeria Army tried very hard to rope in the IPOB and ESN in the cold blooded killing of the Couple. 
The Nigeria Army summarized her Statement inter-alia: 
“This gruesome murder, in which they did not spare even their own Child, clearly depicts callousness, impenitence and is indisputable, a brazen act of terrorism perpetrated by IPOB/ESN...
“Though the dissident groups have continued to live in denial, while masquerading as unknown gunmen, in their criminal violent Campaign in the Region, the NA will ensure the perpetrators of this dastardly act unleashed on its personnel do not go unpunished. While we deeply condole with the families, relations and close associates of the victims, the NA has commenced investigation to unmask and bring the criminals to book.
“Members of the Public are please enjoined to oblige Security agencies actionable information that will lead to the arrest of these criminals”

Is the above statement not laughable? That an entity like the Nigeria Army, can descend so low, to make a strong Statement like this, falsely accusing a peaceful Movement, with presence in over 100 Countries of the world? of a criminal act, whence they are yet to arrest a single Soul? 
Another pertinent question is who the members of the public are, that you are pleading with and enjoining, to oblige Security agencies, with actionable Information, that will lead to the arrest of these Criminals? The Nigeria Army, has by their words, actions and intentions, made it known, that the members of the public, who are Igbo-Biafra’s own the Victims. The Army still without any credible shred of Evidence , stated that the IPOB ESN is their Suspect. 
Available Statistics can confirm that 99% percent of the Indigenes in that geographical location are Igbo-Biafra’s. They are, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and Associates of the Eastern Security Network (ESN).The Nigerian Army have by her Statement above, succeeded in profiling, all the Indigenous People, as their warped investigation target,who the Nigeria Army asserts, are legitimate Suspects.   

In the Northeast and Northwest, which is the epic Centre of terrorism in that contraption called Nigeria.100 % of members of Boko Haram, Bandits’     and herdsmen, are from a section of a tribe, known as local and Foreign Fulanis. This direct link not - withstanding, neither the Nigeria media,nor her Security Institutions, have the audacity to profile, and tag every Fulani as Boko Haram, Bandit and/or Herdsman, even granted that this is obvious. 
The truth remains that activities and operations of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), are all over internet unclassified. Their day and night duty, is limited to keeping our homeland (Farms, Forests and Bushes) free, of the Nigerian Fulani government’s aided terrorists, masquerading as Cattle Herders. 
In respect of the impact the Eastern Security Network created on December 12, 2020, positive testimonies of ESN Operations abound. These testimonials are increasingly spreading daily, as the People are very happy with the professionalism and focus of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) Volunteers. 
These Operatives remain undistracted from their core Duty/Responsibility of securing our homeland…Their focus is fixated on the BIAFRA COMPASS. The Eastern Security Network’s (ESN) Jurisdiction is limited to our forests and farmlands. Volunteers cannot be found discharging any operational duty, on the high streets of our towns and villages, across Biafra land, parts of Edo State, and other Biafra territories.
The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on many occasions, through their Intelligence team, working with the Eastern Security Network, have released and called out, the names of these hoodlums on Radio Biafra London RBL Broadcasts and through Official Memo, that originate from the Office of the IPOB Head of the Directorates of State (H-DOS). 
News declaring perpetrators of these heinous Crimes against Humanity ‘WANTED’ have also been published, from time to time, as Headline News on Nigeria’s major National Dailies. However because of the complicity of the Nigerian State, her Security Agencies, Politicians and those in Authority keep a blind eye. 
They are complicit and compromised in the sponsorship of these Fulani hoodlums; and therefore are, unable to get them arrested, interrogated and prosecuted. 
It will be right  to assert that the expertise of the Nigeria State, Army, and her Security agents is limited to, the random arrests, incarceration, torture and the extrajudicial slaughtering, in cold Blood of innocent Igbo Youths, who are very often, wrongly profiled and tagged as members of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB ESN.
An Analytical writing by Mazi Anyi Kings. 5/5/2022

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