Written By Nwawube Ezeobi | Biafra Reporter
May 06, 2022

Attacks on IPOB: The British government are complicit and infact a full blown partner in crimes with the Nigerian terrorist government in their desperate efforts to stop the Biafra restoration project being embarked upon by Indigenous People of Biafra.

Who is still in doubt about the sponsors of the so called unknown gunmen?. With the so called yesterday press release from the British government, it is evidentially clear that the unknown gunmen had been a well orchestrated planned propagandist outfit to get IPOB down so as to frustrate the liberation course. 

The world can still recap their thinking faculty, ability to reasoning, and also recall why Eastern Security Network (ESN), was launched in December 2020 by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). ESN were mandated with a sole primary task of securing the forests and bushes of Biafra land against the marauding and invading Fulani Jihadists who claims to be ordinary herders. It was as a result of the excessive and incessant killings, raping of our mothers and our girl child in the farms by these Fulani herdsmen, kidnappings, land grabbing, and the deliberate efforts put in place by these Fulani herders for the total destruction of our agricultural farm produce and cash crops that gave birth to the formation of Eastern Security Network by the leadership of IPOB. 

This very bravery act of protecting and securing Biafra land caught the Nigerian government and her accomplice in crimes - the British neo-colonial authority unawares as their Fulani sponsored Jihadists movement in the East was cut short and thwarted. Upon launching, Eastern Security Network personnel swung into action in defence of Biafra land farm, forests and bushes.

The Nigerian government as being advised by the British government using South Eastern politicians with Governor Dave Umahi at the head created the unknown gunmen through a Finland based blogger Simon Ekpa to carry out attacks against Igbo civilian population in name of Eatern Security Network. They carry attacks while shouting they want Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to released and Biafra freed from Nigeria in order to create the wrong impression that they are working for IPOB or they are from IPOB's Eastern Security Network.

The shameless British government through the Nigerian government created and sponsored unknown Gunmen has been cracked and intercepted on several occasions by the personnel of Eastern Security Network.

The Nigerian government in their frustration to give the dog a bad name in order to hang her, they have massacred hundreds of Igbo civilians, killed even their fellow force men in order to get IPOB down. The finality of their crimes against humanity is the purported press release where the British government withdrew the asylum clause for persecuted agitators claiming they have become violent.

The world and British government and can recall that when the British government offered asylum to IPOB in the very beginning of this struggle, the leadership of IPOB promptly rejected the offer maintaining that we have not embarked on self determination clause to seek for asylum nor running away from our land that all we need is referendum so we can go and develop our own land. Indigenous People of Biafra leadership categorically made it clear to the British government that we are not beggars neither are we lazy looking for a developed nation to run to rather we want to go home and develop our own land where we can live as a free people and express our God given talents.

It is shamefacedly to the British authority that IPOB were able to unmasked the dreaded unknown gunmen mission and finally exposed them for the world to see and it is a shame that those behind this evil are those who are supposed to be at the helm of rights protection.
Is this how low the British government can go to protect their exploitative affairs and tendencies with the Nigerian state?. It is expected of the British government to hate us because they never loved us, the British government that supervised over the genocide of five million Biafran souls to all of a sudden begin to love us. 

British government - the ruthless manipulator in her desperate moves to stop Nelson Mandela did same thing to ANC during the apartheid regime in South Africa. The British government are known oppressors of freedom and goodwill, the British government tagged ANC terrorist because they were fighting for their rights same is expected of them to IPOB because they want gas and oil free from Biafra land. The Nigerian Jihadists Government through their unknown gunmen even had to murder a Nigerian Army couples, their unknown gunmem massacred lots of police officers, destroyed lots of private businesses just to get IPOB on the wrong note of international community.

Indigenous People of Biafra perfectly understand the games the British government are cowardly exhibiting since the kidnapped and rendition of our leader from Kenya. Indigenous People of Biafra never embarked upon this journey for freedom to get asylum in British home land. IPOB cannot cower our collective quest for freedom just to get mere asylum in a foreign land. But now that it is evidentially clear that the unknown gunmen is a product of the Nigerian propagandist Jihadists Government and her brown envelope media houses, we pray that they stop the massacring of the innocent and unsuspecting members of the public and find a peaceful democratic means of settling conflicts because the bloodshed is too much already and we don't support blood letting. I can say proudly, that this British government desperate last moves to use asylum as a bait is nothing but effort in futility, it bore no fruit for them.

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