Report Compiled By Nwawube Ezeobi et al., Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post | May 19, 2022

The Biafra Reporters investigation department were able to find out the following as to what led to the indiscriminate burning down to ashes of Igbo timber market in Abuja today being the 18th day of May 2022.

According to the eye witness account on arrival of one of our Journalists and a call put across to our people doing businesses in that area has it that, problem began when a Fulani Okada rider who was carrying an Igbo lady had an accident with a vehicle that crushed the Igbo woman to death.

The Igbos doing businesses in that area and neighborhood claimed, that this is the third Igbo person to be killed in that heartless manner and around that same vicinity through that same method of accident and in quick succession thereby claims that this is Fulani Youths deliberate plan to kill Igbos living in Abuja, they unanimously stopped bikers from plying the road at the moment until the attention of the government is drawn to the area and do the needful concerning the unnecessary and unwarranted accidents taking the lives of Igbo people plying the route.

This angered the Fulani Youths who are mainly bike riders in that area as they went back home and regrouped with many others. They had to take along with them dangerous weapons and gas using the second entrance of the market to unleash their mayhem.
They first attacked all the truck riders in that area, burning all the trucks and forcefully entered into the market, burning it down using gas filled cylinders to ignite match and cause explosions while chanting clubs and other weapons asking Igbos to engage them in a fight.

According to the eye witness account, for more than two hours these arsonists were carrying out their evil attack on the market, the security operatives and fire service did not show up.

Igbos today lost goods and properties worth more than twenty billion naira in Dei Dei timber market Abuja without compensation from the government. Igbos are not destroying Fulani nor Hausa businesses here in our land and why would they choose to go after our people's businesses in their Arewa region, the time bomb is gradually ticking. 

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