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Fifty two years after the Biafra genocide aided, committed and executed by the British Government all because of oil interest, the British Government extra-judicially executed and murdered her and that of humanity on the alter of greediness and biasness and to our bewilderment the unrepentant British Broadcasting Corporation are at it again to cover up for their proxy Fulani Government against the Indigenous People of Biafra in our home land for the second phase of genocide already in-breeding.

As British Broadcasting Corporation reopened old wounds of unhealed scares of genocide of 1967-1970 tagged the Biafra Genocide.

Follow the links below to revisit the British government  atrocities as reported by  Frederick  Forsyth   against the Biafran people in 1967-70 using her British Broadcasting Corporation as an agent of disinformation team to distort the truth and report vile vices against Biafrans.

In the columnist of this report journal I will begin with asking this pertinent questions to the British government and her agent of disinformation media outfit called the British Broadcasting Corporation News World and its  subsidiaries BBC News Africa, BBC News Pidgin BBC News Igbos.

1. Why is British Broadcasting Corporation peddling and broadcasting a fake documentary to intimidate the victims of a genocide?.

2. When will the UK government reverse its policy of proxy war against the Biafran people for mere oil theft in Biafra land?.

3. When will the UK government reverse its policy of stealing from the poor Africa especially in Biafra?.

4. When will the UK government realize that the lives of Biafrans matters most?.

5. Why must the UK government equate her oil interest in Biafra land to Biafra lives?.

The British government should come to terms with the Indigenous People of Biafra for a fair deal rather than this her shameful exhibition of image damage in her continuous aide to genocide against the innocent Biafrans for the sake of oil that belongs to the Biafran people.

Where is the dignity and conscience of the UK government how she always derives joy in using her British Broadcasting Corporation outlets to twist facts and cover-up for genocide committed by the Fulanis' in Nigeria against the Nigerian people of different regions most especially against Biafrans?.

Why is BBC and the UK government shamelessly investigating the victims of genocide when they call for self-defense and keep a blind eyes when the perpetrators of genocide, attacks, and massacre the defenseless Biafran people unabated?.

Follow the links below to revisit the series of BBC's unreported attacks on defenseless Biafrans by Fulani foot soldiers and Nigeria security agents in Biafra land.

Few List Of Nigeria security forces Massacres  Of unarmed IPOB Biafra agitators As reported by amnesty international and other independent body that BBC kept a blind eyes in reporting

List of few reported Fulani herdsmen Attack On Ebonyi indegence that BBC kept a blind eyes

List  of few reported Fulani herdsmen Attack On Enugu indegence  that BBC never reported

 list  of  few Fulani Herdsmen attacks in Anambra  State are  that BBC will never report

List of few report  Fulani Herdsmen attacks on  in Abia community that BBC will never report

List of Fulani Herdsmen attacks in Imo State that BBC will never report

Above list are few of the listed and reported Fulani terrorists and Nigeria security forces attacks on defenseless Indigenous People of Biafra that the so called "British Broadcasting Corporation Disinformation Team", kept a blind eyes on, they have refused in making and carrying out her documentary of these series of Biafra massacres without bringing the perpetrators to justice, same bias BBC have the temerity to attack a free speech on social media calling for self-determination and a call demanding for referendum to exit the British Zoo concoction in Africa. 

BBC dance of shame because of oil theft in Biafraland must stop. Biafra lives matters. British government must stop aiding genocide against the Biafran people and she must stop BBC's disinformation and distortion of truth against Biafrans.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
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