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April 29, 2022

When you make yourself available as a tool for the enemies, you must be ready to betray your sanity and dignity as a human being and that is the fact.

The recent shameful display of the misinformed and ignorant YouTuber swindler based in Finland who through his manipulative tendencies has bragged how IPOB and its leadership are not taking dangerous discion to the release of our leader  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and to restore Biafra alleging that IPOB leadership that volunteered  themselves sacrificing both their resources, intellect capabilities and sleepless nights year in year out to see to the day to day affairs of this noble movement has sold the struggle and places themselves on salary while making the struggle their career.

This ignorant fool of a man resident in Finland tagged the most honorable men in this struggle for freedom you can ever find on this earth piloting the affairs of this liberation movement as career's freedom fighters. A blackmail that was followed up with accolade by his gullible minds and his misguided listener that are waiting patiently hoping to see him make a difference in his unarticulated, unreasonable and disjointed utterances not knowing that the cheap blackmail was just made in a bid to distract the people from listening to the sound directives of the leadership of this movement as an assignment giving to him by the caliphate to exude.

Today he has run out of ideas and he is now swimming in the ocean of disgrace as a low life bereft of cognizance logic and reasoning; his words and actions keep exposing him as a man without an iota of shame in him.
Shamelessness is when you call for revolution behind your camera and you are not there to lead the revolution as an arrowhead.

Omoyele Sowore was living comfortably in New York USA, but something happened to him that he passionately left the US when he called for revolution in the zoo called Nigeria, he traveled down to Nigeria where he lead the revolution from the front and not from behind, knowing fully well and understand the consequences and being man enough to face it. That is a man of his word and a dangerous decision he took though his grievances are valid to be adumbrated in a sane democratic society.

Here we have Simon Ekpa alias Mr. Ekperima and his display of self-deceit, extreme cowardice and wickedness. A fool who is afraid of being poisoned and went ahead and declined to participate in a Mega Million Man March protest in a civilized world
where human rights are respected with adequate security for protesters, in a place rounded up with cctv cameras but he is  ordering for a revolution in a country where a peaceful protest is tantamount to suicidal using #EndSars protest as a yardstick.

If you are afraid of losing your life in your imaginary poison in a protest ground in Europe and you have no plan to come down to the zoo called Nigeria to lead a you are calling then describe who you are and what made you a man with balls beneath his legs. Simon Ekpa should describe himself in one word for the world to see that Simon Ekpa is nothing but a ruthless manipulator without evidence of truth, honesty in his abode.

Simon Ekpa called for economic sanctions and three days sit at home but he shamelessly monetized his social platforms to the extent that to make an ordinary comment in his program the person must pay money. He generates money from comments supper chats, google ads, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms that he criminally operates from his Finland home enriching himself with monetary gratification.

Describe Simon Ekpa in one word for us.

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