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April 29, 2022

There are every indication that Simon Ekpa alias Ekperima of Iduu Kingdom with Nelly Iduu, both indulges and bases their hope on black power and fetish practices to carry out their acts of manipulation in brainwashing of their weak spirited and gullible followers; no wonder they are quick to accuse every individual that have the annoting gift of Chukwu Okike Abiama and a stronger spirit to easily decode their manipulations as persons with unfamiliar evil spirits. A clear display of an Igbo adages that said (Ahia onye mara anya ya ka ona azu), the business that you expertises on is the business you knows its secret. In order word Simon Ekpa alias Ekperima of Iduu has the knowledge of poisoning and how to poison people that are not in line with their mode of gossips.

Simon Ekpa alias Ekperima and her concubine knows how to use black power on people and that is why he always too being quick to use it to blackmail people to psychologically poison their minds that the accused individual is the the real culprit why he play victim. There is an ongoing investigation tracing Simon Ekpa alias Ekperima's history that involve him with using of black power and poison as a weapon against his perceived enemies as experience  he inherited from his father the village King Nwangbo of Oha Ukwu village in Ebonyi State. Simon Ekpa alias Ekperima of Iduu has also visibly demonstrated to be a member of a secret cult as a picture of displaying what he called magic ring has surface with a unique sign which many analysis has claimed that is a sign of the illuminati or other secret fraternity. Though still under thorough investigation a reliable source has confirmed that Simon Ekpa has always been a bad guy starting from his early days in Onitsha Anambra State while as a hoodlum at Upper Iweka and Surulere Lagos state as a member of a cult group called Eiye confraternity.

Many are of the assumption that he and his co-conspirators in the circle of Iduu autopilot gangs in the person of Nelly Ofoegbu still indulges in the use of black power to lure as many gullible minds as possible as they can, to use them in their contract with the Federal Government to continue their fruitless attack on IPOB movement and her leadership structure the DOS. But because black power and its fetish power is bound to fail and that is the reason the agenda of autopilot of Iduu is fastly crashing as the eyes of those gullible followers that were easily affected and deceived are beginning to clear to enable them see themselves as people that boarded a sinking ship and now scouting for safety.
All what is left of Simon Ekpa alias Ekperima is, he thought he can play smart by trying to use psychological poison of the mind on our people to achieve what his so called black power and magic ring could not achieve; this is his last card he can play which also is dead on arrival as we are here to decode and destroy all his antics of destruction sponsored by the Fulani Federal Government.

Simon Ekpa alias Ekperima of Iduu tried to use this psychological poison to pass message for his pay master - the Federal Government when he said that the reason the DOS is insisting on Isi Agu clothes for Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is because they have invoked charm on it and for that reason it is not safe for Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to receive the clothes again. At the point every true Biafrans are protesting against Nigeria DSS for depriving our leader Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu his right to put on his traditional attire (Isi Agu), the Ekperima of Autopilot  opposed it, and up till today the Federal Government has continue to disobey that very court order.

In the early days of their blackmail against IPOB leadership, they accused Madam Nnenaya Anya of using black power and traveling to India to source for black power which she uses to embezzle IPOB funds, they did this for weeks with joy without any evidence to buttress their mere allegations.
Recently they have come up with a new propaganda that IPOB leadership is planning to poison the autopilot members that shall honour the one million march protest that is to be hold at EU headquarters in Brussels Belgium. A mega protest in conjunction with Ambazonians, Oduduwa nations and Biafrans. What a cheap blackmail?. To confirm that this demonic guy has lost it and his black power has failed him has resorted in using psychological poison of the mind on his gullible followers.

The cheap blackmail was all in a bid to create fear, panic and discourage the planned attendees not to attend in order not to record a successful march that will be recorded in history. This is why he is after giving his gullible listeners and brainwashed followers what he called an intellence report that never existed only in the figment of his mindset. The fake deciple didn't provide any alternative means as a security measures for those that are willing to go rather he tried to play down the historic mega millions march of the three emerging nations to headquarters of EU in Brussels Belgium. Simon Ekpa alias Ekperima by acts of omission or commission is trying to tell his gullible minds that any Oduduwa people or Ambazonians that they will see there are not real as he and his autopilot of Iduu members are in alliance with both nations and not going to attend the rally. This is the desperation of a shameless liar and  mind poisoner called Ekperima of Iduu Kingdom.

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