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March 06, 2022

Night fall in a broad day light in Biafra land is supposed be to questionable by men of good conscience and world over, the cloud has become bloody in a noon day, the land has been soaked with the blood of our innocent youths and aged parents, what is our offense?. Nothing but asking for freedom from those who do not value the life of humans rather they value the lives of their cows. Are they on a mission?. Yes they !. They are on a mission to wipe out our race so as to occupy our land. The government is aiding them by paying them to stop killing us rather than to make them face the law, the military is giving the killer herdsmen in our land a cover up while the police hates to reprimand them in their cells.

Now, it is crystal clear that the army of occupation is working in tandem with an agenda to depopulate our land and  our young men without a just cause, houses are being bunt down daily by the occupational Nigeria Military, our young men are being killed like mosquitos, our mothers watch their sons and daughters being slaughtered like festive goats before their own very eyes in our farm lands and widows are increasing on  daily in our land courtesy of Dave Umahi, Okezie Ikpeazu and Hope Uzodimma.

Gradually their menace is creeping into Anambra State and making Ihiala Local government a creepy place for living. The earth is tired of sucking dry the blood  of our young men from Imo State forced to their early graves by the Fulani administrator of Imo State - Hope Uzodimma with his Fulanized Ebube Agu security outfit. They said Nigeria won't go into second phase of civil war but they are very busy bringing carnage to our door steps. They use the conscienceless political desperados in our region to hunt our youths down, this is their new plan after every of their evil plans failed them.

It is displeasing to our eyes and souls what is happening daily in Imo State under the brute command of a power monger - Hope Uzodimma; they are gradually perfecting a conquistador agenda of handing us and our youths over to the Fulani caliphate for the total annihilation process already been launched in our land. It seems to be a success to the oppressors because they are in total control of our so called elites and elders using infiltrators as an agent of distractions and destabilization so as to not realize our hope of being free people.

Our detractors are watching with keen interest so that they would see something to make jests of us, the only people speaking up are in self exile. One question you really need to ask yourself is why the deployment of troops in a none Fulani areas of the country?. What are the Nigeria Naval officers doing upland instead focusing on the Marine business?. These elements of destruction are going  about  desecrating  our lands and religious places if we keep hanging around beer parlours and game centers analysing football, keeping late at night instead of being vigilant security wise.

The Fulani government of Nigeria are on a mission of conquest that is why they went as far as kidnapping our leader in a far away land and rendition him back to Nigeria, immediately slammed him with fifteen counts Trump up charges so as to silence him from voicing out the atrocities ingrain in this Mohammadu Buhari crooked regime; this ruthless regime unleash all the security outfits in the nation to be killing us while our political elites and corrupt elders have sided our killers just for crumbs.

The supposed allegedly elected candidates cum politicians are now our own nightmares; they are in love with our own very killers, they are maggot bringing calamity upon us, it is really night fall in a broad daylight in Biafra land. The time is now to save ourselves from total extermination and force our compromise leaders to speak up or be spoken about on their funeral day. a word is enough for the wise.

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