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February 7, 2022

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Damondardas has told The United Nations General Assemblies to look into the problem affecting the residents of the old eastern region of Nigeria widely known as BIAFRA which is propelling them to push for the separate independent state away from Nigeria.

He maintained that Nigeria is structured in based on the colonial interest stating that Nigeria as Nation does not have the legitimate support of it’s citizens. He further points out the root cause of Nigeria problems as the inability of the past Nigerian Nationalists to restructure and reestablish Nigeria as a sovereign state with the popular legitimacy of it’s citizens on the basis of REFERENDUM which fosters the National cohesive spirit and patriotism.

“The issue of BIAFRA agitation has to be properly addressed; self determination has always been a civil right which is Guaranteed under the international laws. When a region seek to break away from a given country, the first thing to do is to address the problems driving such proposition. If the issue is something that can’t be addressed, partition has to be offered for them to conduct a REFERENDUM a decide their fate. Nigeria’s problems emanated from their earlier political leaders who failed to reestablish themselves after gaining independence in 1960.”

He ended saying that a country that is structured in political, social and economic inequality can never stand “Patriotism is what drives nations to unity, Peaceful coexistence and equity.”

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