IPOB Press Release
Published On The Biafra Post
February 6, 2022

The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB), has been drawn to the secret instruction by the Nigerian Army to move all Obigbo youths held in the military cell in Kaduna to an unknown locations in the Northern Nigeria for possible execution.

These innocent Biafrans from Obigbo have been held in different detention facilities under inhuman conditions since two years they were  unlawfully arrested during the infamous Obigbo massacre in 2020 by the West African new generational Hitler of Rivers State, Gov. Nyesom Wike and the federal government at the heat of the #EndSARS protest because of their hatred against the Igbo Nation in Nigeria.

We are aware that over 500 innocent Biafrans were unlawffully arrested and abuducted by the military and evacuated to different secret cells in Abuja and Kaduna Army cells where they are daily tortured, raped and maltreated as animals because they are Igbos.

With great efforts by our legal teams, some of them were released since last year but many are still in custody since two years for committing no crime but being Igbo..

IPOB Intelligence unit has also intercepted secret instruction by the Nigeria Army high command to move the remaining detainees to unknown locations for possible execution and extra-judicial killing.  It is only the Authorities of the Nigeria Army  that knows what that order and instruction mean , but any attempt to execute or extra-judicially  kill them, the Nigeria Army and fulani controlled federal government will regret their  actions. Such barbarity will be costly and a blunder NIGERIA will ever live to regret.

We, therefore, want to place the world on notice over this wicked plot by the fulani dominated Nigeria Army and government plots to silence innocent Biafrans without trace. These victims have been detained incommunicado in their custody for two years.

If anything untoward happen to these innocent Biafran youths arrested illegally, the Nigeria Army should be held responsible.

The Obigbo youths currently in the Army cell in Kaduna are going to be extra-judicially executed by the Nigeria Army. We also want to remind the NIGERIA Army and the Fulani-controlled federal government of NIGERIA, that we are monitoring them. Should anything untoward happen to these innocent Biafrans, those behind their fate will not escape judgement!

We demand unconditional release of these Biafrans because many have been released by competent courts because they committed no crime and the remaing Obigbo youths still be illegally detained are not different from those set free by competent court of Jurisdiction and must therefore be released, they have unjustly suffered enough and deserve to be release unconditionally. The Obigbo genocide must be remembered in history against Nyesom Wike and Nigeria security agents including fulani terrorists controlled Nigeria federal government of Nigeria.

The should not maintain criminal silence when the same federal government that has been freeing Fulani bandits and mass murderers including terrorists rampaging and ravaging Nigeria for the past ten years, while continuing to keep innocent Biafrans in detention under inhuman conditions and treatments.


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